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Transportation in Charleston?

I need transportation both for my bridal party from church/to pictures/to reception and then a shuttle service to take guests from my reception venue to the hotel. The trolley is already booked and the only other place I've found in Charleston is Chandler's LImousine and they have a 3 hour minimum requirement (which I don't need) and a limo isn't the right vehicle for a hotel shuttle. Anyone have any ideas/recommendations?

Re: Transportation in Charleston?

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    You may want to try www.funbus.com. They are a trolley company that serves WV. 
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    Hey, I'm a party planner.  I hope some of this info will help. 

    It all depends on your bridal party size. 

    As for hotel shuttle, check with the hotel your guests are staying at, they may offer no charge shuttle.  If your guests haven't booked yet, you may be able to actually set off a block for them to book at a cheaper rate & make it easier for all of your out of town guests.  You can then make it easier by locating a hotel that offers a free shuttle this way.  :)

    Although not classy, you could check with the taxi services.  They transport for short periods of time. 

    Unfortunately, limo services block windows like that.  Some, but not all, may be unwilling to leave between the times to come back & forth & might count the wait time. 
    Also some (but not all) of the limos at some of the service places are dated or do not fit all party sizes.  If you do choose to rent a limo, be sure to look at the limo first & ensure you note what limo it is on your agreement. 

    If your bridal party size is small, you could select someone that you know as your "driver" & rent a luxury car or a fun car.

    Now, on the subject of charter buses, there are several based in the Charleston area.   Funbus as in WVUIT Grads post is a great option! :)http://www.magicyellow.com/category/Buses_Charter_and_Rental/-state_wv.html

    Another limo service that services Charleston.  Again, they have the 3 hr minimum. 

    I wish we had more services available in our area, but sadly, we do not...

    Good luck with your day! Remember, it's all about your vision. May it come true!

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