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Hey ladies! I am looking for someone to be a wedding planning buddy. Most of my friends are already married with busy lives of their own or single with no interest in helping me plan. Just looking for someone to be a sympathetic sounding board for ideas and a resource of information. Have a great evening, hope to hear from you soon!

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    Sounds like a fabulous idea! I'm getting married Sept. 17 in the northcentral part of the state. I have my date, ceremony & reception sites, and my photographer. . . that's it! I still have a lot of planning left to do.
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    i would love to be a sounding board and have one. me and my boyfriend are currently planning awedding kind of in secret because i don't have a ring yet and it seems kinda lame otherwise lol.we have been planning to get married after he graduates college for three years and times almost up. we are actually planning on a tentative sept 2011 so as soon as he can affford the ring it may be a short planning period.   also i am trying to build up my own photography business and am in the early stages so i'm offering great deals packages starting at $250 if interested email [email protected] . i'm glad to be a sounding board even if you don't choose me. i'll even be happy to give some photography tips if you have any quesstions.
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    I'd also be willing, I'm planning a wedding for the southwestern PA area, but I live in Morgantown and my FI's family is from the Charleston area.  I helped my sister plan her wedding so I know a decent amount, but I'm the only one of my close friends who is getting married so I don't really have too many people to talk to about it. 
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    Hi ladies! Thanks for your response! Lets band together and help each other out! Where is everyone getting married? Reception site? Anything else you wanna share about your big day?

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    Hello, my name is Jessica. I am getting married on July 23, 2011. We have:

    • our venue for the reception and ceremony
    • photographer
    • DJ
    • My dress
    • Preacher
    • Tuxes picked out
    • All BM dresses on order
    • shoes
    • cake
    • Save the dates sent out in Feb.
    • Waiting for the invitations to arrive in the mail
    • Registered for gifts
    • Honeymoon paid in full
    • Engagement pics done
    • Guest list almost completed
    • Applying for passports this coming weekend
    • Bought some decorartions for the reception and ceremony
    • Favors picked out but not bought

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