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Wedding Location needed near Parkersburg or Marriett

My finance and I are looking for a central location for our wedding. He's from Ohio and I'm from Central WV. We have been looking for a location near Parkerburg or Marriett. I would really appreciate any suggestions that you may have.

Thanks so much!

Re: Wedding Location needed near Parkersburg or Marriett

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    A couple of suggestions:

    Marietta is gorgeous. I am from that area originally and, had it not been for the convenience of planning in Columbus, we would have married there. 

    There is a church on Front Street in Marietta (First Congregational I think?). It is older and classic looking. It would be a great non-denominational or protestant church. I was raised Catholic and went to St. Mary's. They just did a major renovation and it is absolutely gorgeous if you want that route. If you prefer to do outside (not really a rain option, however), there is a gazebo on Front Street overlooking the river. 

    For a reception there are 3 main options I'd suggest. The Lafayette hotel is gorgeous for weddings. I have seen a few weddings from there and it totally transforms the place. There is a Knights of Columbus hall nearby as well (little bit lower on the budget if that is what you are looking to have) It is less formal and less "event space," but they have inexpensive catering and space for around 150-200 (with dance floor). The Shrine club is beautiful though a bit older. It books more than a year out (limited options in Marietta lol).

    Wedding Photographers: Michelle Waters Photography, hands down. Best you could find in the area

    Salons: Lee's Studio in Parkersburg is great

    Florist; Aletha's in Marietta. Amazing woman runs it.

    Wedding Planner: Merilee Burton. There is another one named Marsha Hansen (I think). Very very harsh and old school from what I hear. 

    Rehearsal Dinner: Spagna's, Da Vinci's (WV), Austin's are all great. I think Buckley House is also available for it

    Cake: Village Cakery in Vincent is great. I've never seen her wedding cakes, but the taste is great!

    If you also want the Parkersburg area, there is a great ceremony/reception site at the Blennerhasset hotel. One of our friends married there recently and had an amazing experience. They had an outdoor tent which turned out a lot better than you would picture (sounds cheesy but definitely was not). 

    Sorry, I rambled on. Tried to get the main points you may want lol
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    The first post hit the main places in Parkersburg and Marietta.

    I am getting married at my church in Vienna (Westminister Presbyterian) and then having my reception at the Marietta Shriners. The Shriners is one of the most popular venues in the area and you do have to book at least a year in advance usually.

    There are lots of pretty, old churches in Marietta if that is what you are looking for. If you are looking for a more modern, artsy venue The Parkersburg Art Center is an option. I have heard that it is pretty pricey though.

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    I'm also getting married in Marietta and using St Mary's Catholic Church and the Lafayette Hotel. Both great venues.

    In Parkersburg, there is a brand new Shrine building that is really nice and has more availability than the Marietta one. IMO, it's a lot fancier and nicer.

    Other fun options in Marietta are using the Valley Gem sternwheel boat for the RD (you can bring your own catering and alcohol) and the Trolley for transportation. Just lends a different air to the wedding.

    Also, great flowers at Sandy's florist. We're using The Olde Town Bakery which has better cake and a more professional atmosphere than Village Cakery.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions. I'm not on this board often, but you can find me on the May 2011 board. GL!

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    The Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg is beautiful and affordable.
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    I am getting married ourtside at the Belpre Civitan Park, which is beautiful. You could also get married behind the Belpre Shrine Club, which is also vrey pretty. Good luck!
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    Thank you all for the great ideas! I was able to get the Marietta Shrine Club for October 8, 2011. I intend to have both the wedding and the reception there.
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    Does anyone have suggestions of reasonably priced places for a reception? We're getting married in October, and I'm looking for something that won't break the bank, with a Halloween theme. I'd love to find a place that lets us bring our own catering and is okay with alcohol being served. Any info is appreciated!
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    What is your definition of reasonably priced?

    The Shrine Club in Marietta allows you to have outside catering or you can use theirs. They also have a bar. You are required to use their bartender (pay on an hourly rate) and must purchase the alcohol through them.
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    How many people do you need to accommodate? I'm not sure if they do it, but a wedding at the Castle in Marietta would be really cool and would incorporate your Halloween theme. Here's the website. http://mariettacastle.org/

    Also, there's a brand new Shrine building in Parkersburg that is fancier than the Mareitta one that you could use. You could also do a wedding in front of the mansion on Blennerhasset Island. Again, not sure about how to do a reception there, but it could be really nice.
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