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I live in Uniontown, PA which is close to Morgantown, WV... I am getting married 7/31/10 and need to find someone to do my make up.... Does anyone have any suggestions for someone in or around Morgantown that may travel to Uniontown, PA?

TTTC since 2010 Me 32-issues r/t thin uterine lining; blocked tubes DH-35-no issue as of now March 2012 lap hysteroscopy-l tube 100% blocked; r tube 30% open May 2012 First visit to RE-started provera June 2012 HSG test l tube still blocked; started clomid July 2012 u/s f/u on clomid July 2012 changed to femara 5mg Aug 2012 started femara 5mg Sept 2012 Femara 5 mg Oct 2012 Femara 5 mg Nov 2012 repeat lap with RE tubes are clear!!! Dec 2012 Femara w/ovidrel trigger shot and iui #1 bfn Jan. 1, 2013 Femara w/ovidrel trigger shot and iui #2 bfn Jan. 16,2013 clomid 100 mg no trigger shot iui # 3 bfn Feb 2013 injectable cycle w/follistim 75iu cycle cancelled due to poor response Feb 2013 started 750 mg metaformin and Provera

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    Not sure if they travel, but I will warn you to stay away from Shear Creations.......unless you want to look like your straight outta the eighties haha.
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