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And one more.. Ritter Park in Oct??

FI keeps coming back to Ritter Park Rose Garden. Our date is 10/17. What does it look like around that time? Are the roses still alive?

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Re: And one more.. Ritter Park in Oct??

  • sassifras626sassifras626 member
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    In October, I would imagine that would all depend on whether there had been an early frost or not.  This year we had frost in early October that killed all of my flowers, but other years it won't frost until November.  You never know.
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  • onigiri87onigiri87 member
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    My friend had her wedding there at the end (19th) of September.  The weather was beautiful, and the roses were still in bloom.  They usually start to die mid-to-late October from what I've seen--and they only paid about $500 for it for the entire day--only problem is, you have to provide your own chairs.  We managed to fit about 90 chairs in there comfortably, but were able to set up a few more.  After the wedding, they put the chairs in a circle in that big main area and had the reception/dance area/etc. there.

    Also, make sure you ask for access to the indoor area and the kitchen.  The kitchen area and fridge are a little small, but if you're planning a small wedding, then it's a pretty nice spot.

    One last thing--make sure you put chairs up at the bottom entrance (that leads to Ritter Park)--people were literally walking into the wedding area DURING the wedding!  It was really rude.  Once we put the chairs up, people stopped coming through.
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