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Wedding venues?

So my fiance and I are scheduled to get married Oct. 15, 2011 at Coonskin in Charleston. I say scheduled because we're thinking about changing things up. We want to make it smaller and more intimate (not to mention save money) so we're looking at some of the state's (gorgeous!) state parks.

What are your suggestions? We'd like to keep it towrd the southern/central part of the state. We thought of Babcock first because we both love it up there. We're trying to keep the budget low, so please don't suggst somethign outrageoulsy expensive!

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Wedding venues?

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    hmmm...the prettiest spot I've seen is at Grandview state park near Beckley, but that might be farther than you would want to travel.  But...I'm telling you, it is drop dead gorgeous in the fall!
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    Hey, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I'm a party planner so I hope I can help with what I say.  An outdoors wedding in the fall will look lovely with all the foliage! Are you contracted seating? Tents? What about changes in weather? Here are a few areas close to Charleston WV.  :) 

    (Joanna's right, Grandview is beautiful - there are tons farther away that are)

    I planned a summer wedding at this Gazebo at night. Ridenour Lake in Nitro. It has seating as well.  I would suggest covering it, though, as it is a little rough...

    Dunbar Wine Cellar Park

    If it is a small wedding, Hawks Nest area perhaps?

    Kanawha State Forest has some spots in it that you might be able to make what you want.

    Depending just how far you'd want to travel from Charleston?

    Blackwater Falls is lovely.

    What I'd suggest is (if you have some free moments) drive around the various park areas & see if there's somewhere you really like (we have tons that are farther away if you don't like anything you see).  I think when you see your location, you'll know.  Pictures won't do it justice.  :)  You could check the lawn of the capitol, & other areas like that too.  Or, if you have any friends who own land, they may just let you use it. :)

    Good luck with your day.  Remember, it's all about your vision.  May it come true!

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    Lake Stephens near Beckley.  If you want to travel that far its about 15 min off Harper Rd exit. We have rented the pavilion for a weekend for $424 plus $125 deposit.  This gives you Friday all day & evening for rehersa; & decorating and all day Sunday for the ceremony & reception.

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    hey! i've seen you post on a few things about coonskin. we are having our wedding there in june. as far as being intimate and smaller, that's why we chose it. we are planning to have around 125 guests. i'm very excited about it.
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    Are you trying to have it indoors or outdoors?  Hurricane Valley Community Center is a beautiful indoor venue set in a nice park near Waves of Fun.

    Hurricane City Park also has some really cool shelters including an old barn.
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    So I am having venue issues, too, only we are doing it Oct. 6, 2012 -- I've got a bit of time.  What about Hawk's Nest, Babcock, or Carnifex Ferry?  On that note, I grew up a few streets away from Chris.  Congrats to you both, btw!
  • bigchasmiller -- I'm beginning my venue search and am intrigued by Ridenour Lake in Nitro.  I knew that there was a park/fishing lake in the area but I've actually never been and I certainly had no idea it had a gazebo and seating built in!  I've searched around and am in love with the photos - it would be PERFECT for a small summer wedding.

    I do have a question though.  When you were married there, where did you have your reception?  I have yet to visit the park in person but it seems like there's a fairly large picnic shelter near the gazebo - would that be big enough for 70 - 80 people?

    Thanks :)

    Also - congrats to Wmb0124  who is, by now, married I'm sure.  Wish I would've found this thread sooner - I'm a state park whiz! lol
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