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Cake Costs?

Hi girls,I'm trying to get a good idea of about how much a cake is going to cost. I know that many bakers charge per slice. About how much did your cakes cost, and how many guests did you have?Thanks!

Re: Cake Costs?

  • crazycookiecrazycookie member
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    Ordered mine last week....$90=2 tier to feed 75 people.  And also a grooms cake to go with it...
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    mine is going to be made by fran. Whos is just great by the way. It is a four teir cake and will feed 150 people at least. It came up to be 550 dollars. It is a speciality cake however so if you get soemthing simple the price will most likely be less. It is a White Almond  flavor with a filling of buttercream and then a thin layer of white Chocolate fondant colored our wedding color. It was very tasty. i can't wait to have it at the wedding!!!!Laughing
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