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Charleston Rehersal Dinner

Hey everyone, does anyone have any suggestions for places to have my rehersal dinner in Charleston, WV. We are having trouble finding a place that can accommodate about 30-35 people. Any suggests would be very helpful!

Thank you!


Re: Charleston Rehersal Dinner

  • I'm not sure what type of atmosphere and food you are looking for, but here are a few suggestions:
    Fazio's (has nice, private rooms and great food!)
    Emabassy Suites (if you are going for a more ballroom feel)
    Tidewater (great food, lots of parking near the mall)
    Fifth Quarter ( haven't been there in a while, but usually good)
  • Hi Emily, my sister's wedding planner had their rehearsal dinner in the Walnut Room at the Bridge Road Bistro. It was perfect, private, and the food was great. Her planner, Perfectly Planned, even made customized menus and small favors for the bridal party. It was fun and classy!
  • We had our's at the Fifth Quarter in one of the private dining rooms. We had two servers dedicated solely to us and could order anything off the menu. It was great.
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  • Thanks ladies! I am having my MIL look into those places too!
  • Who was her wedding planner!?  I'm looking for one in Charleston, WV
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