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FI barley getting involved.

My fiance and I are getting married on September 25Th, 2010. He keeps telling me the wedding is my thing. The only thing he cares about is the honeymoon. His brother asked HIM when he wanted to go try on tuxes. He said I don't know, talk to her about that, and pointed at me. There his tuxes. He's going to be wearing it. I told him that he needed to make the phone calls and then decide when to go. That he was going to handle the tuxes because I have enough on my plate. Am I wrong for wanting some help with planning? I mean I have a lot on my plate besides the wedding, I make sure ALL the bills get paid on time, and I make sure that anything else that needs taken care of gets taken care of, like grocery shopping, that kind of stuff. He even picked the preacher, I don't know this preacher, he's retired now, so I don't know him. I keep telling him to call another preacher to get this one's number. And he still hasn't done it. I called the one preacher last night to maybe get the number, but he wasn't home. I already told him I wasn't callin the preacher he wants to marry us, because I don't know him and I think that would be awkward. Am I wrong for wanting him to get involved?

Re: FI barley getting involved.

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    no, you're not wrong, but you have to understand that he might be like my FI....he doesn't mind to help, but he's afraid of screwing up something because he knows how important wedding stuff is to me.  if that might be what it is...give him a break. 
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