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Glen Ferris Inn?

Has anyone been to a wedding there? What was it like (not a lot of photos on the net).
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Re: Glen Ferris Inn?

  • WVUITGradWVUITGrad member
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    Here is a link to some photos from a wedding there - http://coordinateitweddings.shutterfly.com/993
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    Dear Glen Ferris Inn Inquiry,

    Hi, I'm Nancy of [email protected] I am a Wedding Planner and my Husband is a Wedding Officiant. We have been to the Glen Ferris Inn on many occasions. It is a very beautiful place with breath taking views. It has lovely bed rooms. I am under the impression that the Inn is either closing or changing hands. Something to check on. If I can be of any help call 866.744.5089
  • zenithkzenithk member
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    Food is not very good.
  • sexymandersexymander member
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    I live kinda close to it.  Years ago it was really nice.  Nowadays its not worth it.  A friend recently went to see about having her wedding there and although they loved the location they were required to use the sites catering.  I've yet to find any person who has been happy with their catering lately.
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