E-Photos in November in Cheyenne

Just a few questions. 

What is good to wear? Where is a good place to take the pictures?  I know snow will probably be a part of the pictures. Should I plan on a place inside too? 

Thank you.
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Re: E-Photos in November in Cheyenne

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    again I am in Laramie but the first snow is supposed to be on Nov. 15 so if your photos are going to be taken before that then you shouldnt have to worry about snow. However, we are in wyoming and you know how the weather works here.

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    Wear whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in, and dress according to the weather.  You don't want to be forcing smiles when you're freezing.  If it snows, wear a heavy sweater or cute coat and hat.  If you go outside, I wouldn't dress up too much.  Just because it's Wyoming...you know what I mean?

    The botanic gardens are a standard for engagement photos, but probably are a little sad now. Although my friends got some pretty ones in March--it's all in the photographer's hands! 

    You might want to go out to Vedauwoo (30 miles west on I-80).  It's always pretty up there. 

    The train depot downtown might make for some cute shots, too. 

    I don't think you necessarily need an indoor place, but the Nagle-Warren mansion is pretty inside (I don't know about getting permission, though).

    Also, ask your photographer for suggestions of clothes that will look well in a photo and some of his or her favorite spots for engagement photos.

    Hope this helps!
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    Who is your photographer?  Many of them have great ideas.  I recently saw some photos taken on the front steps of the Capitol buliding... They looked great!  Another nice spot is at the community house in the back next to the water.  I got married there and my photographer took my photo and layered it with another photo of my face.  It turned out well.  The Nagle Warren is a good place, and in my experience they have been very helpful.  (Just try not to go in on a super busy day with a ton of equipment.  Call ahead and let them know.)
    Otherwise I agree with previous posts.  Vedawoo is an interesting place with beautiful scenery all year.  One of you could even peak down over a rock at the other below. 
    hope this helps...  If you are getting married in Cheyenne, I am a florist here and would be happy to meet with you.
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