Anyone getting married in Jackson Hole?

I live in Jackson & am getting married Sept. 2011. Since it is a "destination" wedding place, I figured I'd see more about it on here, so I am opening that discussion up! Anyone out there?


Re: Anyone getting married in Jackson Hole?

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    Hi there

    I am planning on getting married in Jackson Hole too but no date has been set as yet. We are still working out a budget, had a few quotes from some places... Dornans, Spring Creek Ranch etc.

    I am a little worried that we won't be able to afford what we want in Jackson precisily because it is a destination wedding place. We will see maybe we can find somewhere that offer locals discounts :)

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    I'm planning on getting married in Jackson next summer and would appreciate any advice on inexpensive ceremony/reception venues. 

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    Congrats Claire!

    I haven't had much luck in the inexpensive ceremony/reception department. So far my FI's connections have told him that they are constantly booked so they don't "have to" offer discounts. UGH. We have decided to get married in a friend's yard off of the village road. Though not my dream location, it is free! We want the ceremony & reception at the same place, but a lot of people I know have gotten married at Oxbow Bend or Shwabacher's Landing in the park and then had a reception somewhere else to save a little money.

    I found an affordable photographer you all might want to check out: www.ashleywilkerson.com. She charges way less than a lot of people around here and I think the photos on her website are beautiful.
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    I live in Jackson Hole and there are very few affordable places to get married in general. How much are you looking to spend on a reception venue? Hotel Terra is nice, Spring Creek Ranch, Teton Pines, Diamond Cross, but they are all pretty pricey. The problem here too is the weather. You never know what it's going to be like as the storms move in so fast, so it's hard to do an outdoor wedding.
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    Hey, I'm getting married next summer.  The best way is a friends backyard...or try renting a house with a big backyard and rent a tent...other than that, the only affordable (my budget is about 10,000) is Grand Targhee...on the other side.  If you are having a small party, check out the Wedding Tree in the Gros Ventres.  It's a bit of a drive, and then a small hike, but amazing views.  You need to contact the forest service for permits.  Also, if it is a destination and people are coming from all over anyway, try doing it on a Thurs or Fri...that'll help get you a little discount.

    Charrel floral is my florist, she is great for me, but I am going with mostly WY wildflowers, which is what she mainly does.  I went big on the photographer, b/c that is important to me (Johnathon Adams).  My caterer is Chippy's Kitchen...another local who I just started to work with, so I can just say that she was recommended to me...sample menus look great though.  Tent I went with Canvas Unlimited...there's another company in town, slightly cheaper, but I think CU has great service and experience.  My DJ is a friend who is starting his business...Velvet Rope Sound, the only other good one is in IF. 

    Phew, I think that's most of what I have so far...getting married next June...but lived in the valley for 7 years.  Let me know if I can help.
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    yep, that's what we're doing - a friend's backyard & a tent from Canvas Unlimited. I have tried to use Teton Rentals for a work-related event & I have to say they don't have great social skills, let alone service. I have a lot of experience with CU & they are awesome.

    Do you have contact info for Velvet Rope? I don't know if we can afford a DJ but I'd like to try. Rocky Vertone (Four4) DJ'd my brother's wedding last weekend and he was great, though I don't know how expensive he is (I'm also trying not to duplicate any of my brother's choices!) He is good & local though.
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    I do have the contact info, I'm in the middle of traveling, but can dig out contact info for Velvet Rope, probably next week.

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    Hey Balletdawn,

    I was able to dig out the Velvet Rope info.  The DJ's name is Al Hunter, his e-mail is [email protected]  He is a great guy and easy to work with.  He is just starting the business, but has been DJing for himself for a long time.  Good Luck, and let me know if you need anything else.  x
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    Hi There! 
    I am also getting married in Jackson! Ever since I was little I wanted to get married with the Grand in the background. Now it is coming true!

    My fiance and I just signed the contract for an August 2012 wedding at Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club. We looked at Shooting Star and Three Creek, and Rancho Allegre, but those were either too over-the-top, or didn't provide the services we were interested in. JHGTC is by no means cheap (though WAY cheaper than those I mentioned above), but it has BEAUTIFUL views (which cut down on decoration costs) and is pretty all-inclusive. Matt Souther, the events director, is pretty awesome, and very responsive to all questions/needs.

    Jackson is basically my favorite place on earth (of all the places I have visited so far...), and I'm SO excited to get married there.
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    I too am getting married in Jackson. My wedding is this Aug and we are getting married at the Jackson Lake Lodge. Can't wait. I am looking for a florist in town. anyone know a good one? Thanks and congrats to you all!Laughing
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    I'm getting Married in Jackson this September 2011, and the Center for the Arts is fairly affordable for a smaller wedding with about 120 People. I believe we paid around $1000.00 for the Venue. Not my ideal place, but I think with a bit of decoration it will look beautiful. It was by far the most inexpensive place to hold the reception other than the Elks Club or the Virginian. Good Luck. I grew up there my whole life and I received little to no local discounts. 
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    I'm using Lilly and Company. You should check out their blog they do amazing centerpieces and bouquets. Congratulations!
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    I am thinking of eloping in Jackson and have never been there.  We want to do a real elopement so it will just be us, the person we find to marry us and a photographer.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a good outdoor place to say our vows? 
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    I'm getting married at the Spring Creek Ranch October 2011. I am trying to keep costs down by letting the backdrop do all the talking. I am keeping decor simple and going with what ever is in season when it comes to flowers and food. We are having our ceremony and reception on site to avoid anyother expences. Also, I went with a judge for the officiant, it was like a 4th of the price of anyother officiants.

    If anyone has experences with the SCR,  let me know!
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    For those of you I see here that are looking for a DJ, please consider me -- SteadyJake Mobile DJ (Jake Nichols). www.steadyjake.com
    I know it is expensive to get married in Jackson Hole. For vendors, you have to remember there are a fixed amount of Saturdays in a wedding season, so we have to charge accordingly. I dont think my rate is out of line, in fact, I will post it here. Many DJs wait to see WHERE you're getting married so they have an indication of how much they can jack you up. My rate for a wedding reception is $200/hour, with a four (4) hour minimum. No set up time, no hidden fees, no other mysterious add-on charges like a fee for loading up stairs. Price includes everything you will need. The best sound system money can buy, wireless mics, unlimited consultation and music library, and most importantly -- my best effort. I dont do 'packages' at different price points. To me, that suggests you are getting something less than the DJ's best if you arent paying the premium. This is my business. Every wedding is a reflection on me.
    Ask around. Ask me. I want y'all to have the best.
    By the way: Ashley Wilkerson is a fantastic choice for a photographer. I DJ'd her wedding too. Thank you. All the best to you brides and grooms.
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    I just got married on JH on 6/11/11.  I'm from CA and ALL the vendors were far more expensive than any event I've assisted with here in CA or for my own NorCal reception which I'm hosting with 3x the people attending.  I'd love to offer my advice to save someone the time and trouble that I went through for a year of wedding planning.  To give you an idea of my wedding:

    I provided accommodations for everyone at The Rustic Inn.
    Day 1:  Welcome Dinner at Gun Barrel
    Day 2:  Dinner at Calico's Italian Restaurant
    Day 3:  Dinner at Dornan's.  Guests were greeted by Cynthia at Jackson Hat Company who fitted each guest with a hat and a band of their choice. 
    Day 4:  Wedding Day: Wagon Ride to Ceremony Site on Snake River Ranch, Reception at Shooting Star w/ Mechanical Bull as surprise to guests.  Catering not provided by Shooting Star by rather Erin at Bistro Catering.
    Day 5:  Farewell Brunch at Osteria at Hotel Terra (Teton Village).

    Guests did a variety of activities during the day including shopping, touring GTNP, some spent their entire day but managed to see Old Faithful, boat trip across Jenny Lake, tram ride up moutain from Teton Village.

    Here is a list of my vendors.  Some I would highly recommend and couldn't do without.  There are a few others I wouldn't use or are NOT worth using due to the $$):
    All Trans (Shuttle Transportation):  307-733-3135

    Barb Trompeter (SRR Pest Control):  307-739-1698

    Canvas Unlimited (Chairs/Tent):  307-733-2250 or 307-690-7899

    Carrie Patterson (Photography):  307-413-6780

    Hughes Production (Lighting): 307-733-6505 | Patrick:  307-690-4112

    Jairus at Frost (Make-Up) Jennifer at Frost (Hair):  307-734-0804

    Judd Grossman (Ceremony Musician):  307-690-4935

    Marcus Stauffer (Big Red - Get-a-way Car):  307-734-4868 

    Mary at Blue Spruce Cleaners:  307-690-3139

    Mindy Cooley at SRR (Ceremony Site):  307-733-2864

    Monica with JH Cake Company (Baker): 307-413-3416

    Rocky Vertone (DJ): 307-690-0240

    Sarajane Johnson (Floral & Design): 307-732-2211 or 307-413-1499

    Shooting Star (Reception Site): 307-739-3263

    Tom Jordan (Officiant): 307-733-1325

    Tyler Brooks (A&B Productions - Mechanical Bull...but they also DJ):  208-589-6499
    Erin Oda at Bistro Catering

    My dress was made by Michael at Miosa Couture in Sacramento. 
    My invitations were custom made based on my photographs I took while touring the area.  I worked with Monumental Design. 
    My friend Laurie Hunt-Theriault hand painted my wedding boots.

    If there's anything else you have questions about, let me know.

    [email protected]

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    Hello Everyone!

    I personally know exactly how expensive it can be to have a wedding in Jackson Hole. One of the reasons I decided to become a photographer is that I knew that I could offer amazing photography at affordable prices!


    Just fill out a contact form at my website:

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    I'm getting married in JH next summer and am looking for a reception venue to hole about 200 people.  Any suggestions?
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    Hey! So how did it go! Congrats! Did you come in under budget? We're considering a wedding out in Jackson hole for the same budget as you next summer. Any advice you can give will be super appreciated!

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_wyoming_anyone-getting-married-jackson-hole?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:134Discussion:8f8077be-eab8-439d-b71a-f270dc7d3052Post:a5abda12-47e8-4d6d-8640-3827291bb398">Re: Anyone getting married in Jackson Hole?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hey! So how did it go! Congrats! Did you come in under budget? We're considering a wedding out in Jackson hole for the same budget as you next summer. Any advice you can give will be super appreciated! Thanks!
    Posted by littleprettybride[/QUOTE]
    Not sure who you were responding to? But, on a budget note...my wedding is in a few weeks & so far we're looking well under budget. A couple suggestions to save you money<div>
    <div>-get lots of quotes and get them early. The affordable ones book up fast - some caterers wanted 3 times the amount of the caterer I'm using and I think we're ending up with a great meal. </div><div>
    </div><div>-The Liquor Store gave us a lot of options for wine and were so helpful. And we can return any wine & liquor we don't end up opening.</div><div>
    </div><div>-Albertson's is doing my flowers for a third of the cost of most florists. If you know what you're looking for, you can tell them exactly what you want & they'll do it. They're just doing our bouquets & I am making the centerpieces.</div><div>
    </div><div>-finding land was the hugest money saver for us. Most venues were way out of our league financially. We happened to know someone with land but there is public forest/national forest/national park land everywhere and vrbo.com has rental homes & some will allow a wedding.</div></div><div>
    </div><div>Hope that helps!</div>
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    they will be the most expensive, Briar rose is the cheapest and Jeannie does a great job, also Jan Que (sp)  is fabulous
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    I began planning a wedding at Snow King two years ago, but I've had lots of medical issues and had to postpone.  Does anyone know if they're done with construction?
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_wyoming_anyone-getting-married-jackson-hole?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:134Discussion:8f8077be-eab8-439d-b71a-f270dc7d3052Post:93ec62c7-a5b5-470f-9fb9-1058fb4fe947">Re: Anyone getting married in Jackson Hole?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I began planning a wedding at Snow King two years ago, but I've had lots of medical issues and had to postpone.  Does anyone know if they're done with construction?
    Posted by jenmooney363[/QUOTE]
    I asked around and here's what I found - the Grand Room is definitely completed and I'm told it's beautiful. The kitchen is not quite finished, but that just means that they bring the food over from the hotel. So it affects the staff, but wouldn't probably have an affect on you. <div>
    </div><div>I'm sorry to hear about your medical issues-I hope planning goes well for you this time around!</div>
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    Alrighty!  FI and I are changing our location to Moose, WY now.  Our original idea was perfectly us, but we decided that being a 3 hour drive from an airport was too much for our traveling guests (which is all of them).

    FI's #2 option was the Tetons.  He's climbed many of the peaks so it means a lot to him to be in view of the Tetons for our ceremony/reception.

    I think we're going with Dornan's.  We wanted a casual outdoor event with awesome views.  This fits the bill.  Plus there is an airport (less driving for guests) and plenty to do in Jackson from city stuff to nature stuff.  In addition my good friend are ex-rafting guides and I will ask them to do a day after raft down the Snake.

    For $1250 and a $2000 food/bev min you can get
    • Dornan's pavilion with fire ring pad
    • Server and Bartender staffing
    • Dawn the wedding coordinator
    • Confirm and work with other vendors
    • Any use of our Linens and Napkins
    •   o Western set ( white linens with burlap runners and cowboy bandana napkins or multi colored bandannas – 7 colors) comes with antique style red lanterns
    •   o Lodge style – chocolate brown linens and golden or light blue napkins
    •   o White linens with white or maroon napkins
    • Decorations – western motif, potted annuals, vases to borrow… set up and display your items
    • Use of Umbrella heaters – 4-6 heaters on property.
    • Cake Cutting and serving
    • Risers for bands or DJ
    • Hanging plants at the Chuckwagon and Pizza & Pasta Lower Deck. ( June 12- August 15)
    • Set up and take down of tables and décor
    • Timing schedule for the event.
    • Additional fees can apply for additional set up or clean up

    We'll have to drive 200 miles to get the Jackson so having so much of the necessary stuff done will be great.  I guess I just need to find flowers for the tables, a musician and photographer.
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    That sounds perfect Gina! We thought about Dornan's too but I couldn't sell FI on the idea. It's nice that so much is included, that'll probably save you some headaches.
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    Here's a cute album of someone's rehearsal dinner at Dornan's.

    If it's rainy they have "walls" that drop down on the sides, one of which is clear.
    It's not very private - the parking lot is right there and people who go to the restaurant/stores can probably see you.   If it's chilly they have umbrella heaters.  So it's is quite exposed on many levels. 

    We've always gone to Dornan's for pizza whenever we are in town.  FI has climbed all the main peaks of the Tetons!
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    I went to a show at Dornan's last fall - it rained & was cold, but they dropped the sides of the tent down and had heaters. It was still very beautiful. 
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_wyoming_anyone-getting-married-jackson-hole?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:134Discussion:8f8077be-eab8-439d-b71a-f270dc7d3052Post:1e17ea92-8a7c-464d-8763-e66da7914727">Re: Anyone getting married in Jackson Hole?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I went to a show at Dornan's last fall - it rained & was cold, but they dropped the sides of the tent down and had heaters. It was still very beautiful. 
    Posted by balletdawn[/QUOTE]

    That is good to hear it was still pretty desptie being fall and rainy and cold!  We were thinking July or August, but yeah the exposure of it all (weather related) does come to mind.

    Not sure where else we could do it for that price though. 

    I guess we could do the ceremony somewhere outdoors in the park (a $50 park wedding fee, but then we'd have to pay for everyone's park entry fee - ouch! - then there's weather and seating issues), then have the reception at a restaurant that does groups.  That was another idea.
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    Getting married at Spring Creek Ranch in June 2012.  Just got back from an awesome visit out there booking all my vendors.  I lived in Yellowstone back in 2004 and Montana through 2009, and I really miss that part of the country!  Jackson is just so beautiful, and I can't wait to get married there!
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