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Anyone have any experience with catering companies in Jackson?  My parents recently bought a rental cabin in Jackson, and we are hoping to host our rehearsal dinner at their place.  With that in mind, we need to find a caterer & the wedding is less than 3 months away.  Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Catering In Jackson

  • All depends on your budget.. 

    Bubba's actually has a full catering budget. 

    All Ocasions Catering from Alpine is amazing and really resonable. 413.0898

    Then there's Chippy's in Wilson who is also really good but higher priced.  

    Also Bistro owner also has Fine Dining Catering 
    And Cafe Genivie also has great catering. 

    I do a lot of dealings with catering for work! 

    Good Luck! 

    possible winter wedding in wyoming...
  • I had a good experience working with Cafe Genevieve, even though I ended up not using them. Chippy's, however, gave me a quote that was twice as much as what I told her my budget was and the menus didn't reflect any of our requests.

  • Decided on Bubba's BBQ for the rehearsal/ welcome party dinner!  Thanks for the help.
  • Bubba's is always a win...well, not for me because I'm a vegetarian...but we've used them for some corporate events I've helped with and it was very well received.
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