Cakes in Laramie

I am getting married in Laramie next summer and have yet to find someone who will make my cake for a resonable price. The place I was going to use went out of business.
Anyone have any recommendations??

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    I've heard that the Albertson's in Cheyenne actually does very good cakes.  I don't know about the one in Laramie, but it might be worth a shot to check out the bakery.  

    I looked up Wyoming cakes on mywedding.com and it said Jeffrey's does cakes, and also listed Sara's Bakery and Bakery Foyer, but I've never heard of them and there's no contact info.

    Aside from that, I don't know of any others.  I know a few in Cheyenne, and I don't know about their delivery policy for Laramie, but I could let you know about them if you want. 

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    You could contact UW Catering at 307-766-3064 about the bakery doing your cake. They made mine in 07, and I got tons of compliments. Also, I work in Dining Services and know that the Bakery does an EXCELLENT job on everything. (Plus my boyrfiend is actually a baker for UW, and he takes great pride in his work)
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    It might sound weird, but Wal-Mart in Laramie actually makes decent cakes in their bakery.  I don't know for sure about wedding cakes (I know they make them, but can't attest to the quality), but my bridal shower cake came from there and was beautiful.  The person who ordered it had to talk with the bakers to get what she wanted for decoration, but they worked with her to create something unique.  She chose a marble cake with the cream icing (more of a whipped icing rather than sugary) and everyone loved it.  I don't like cake that much and I thought it was fantastic!  My hostess was appalled by the cakes that Safeway and Alberston's bakery had to offer, so she ended up at Wal-Mart.  I think it might be worth looking into, if you can handle the idea of a cake coming from Wal-Mart.  I'd also check out UW.
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