Marriage Licenses--just a heads up

So two months after we're married, we get a call from the clerk's office that the state wouldn't accept our license. 

Turns out, they recently decided white-out was unacceptable. I guess it used to be okay. There was some error on our license, so the Pastor whited it out and fixed it.  Not gonna fly.   So now we have to re-do the whole thing.   Fortunately, we don't need the same witnesses.  One is in Seattle and one is in Balad.  Sheesh.

So I just wanted to pass along a few of the more....ahem....nit-picky things I've learned in trying to prove I'm married in this county and state:
- ONLY BLACK ink.  No blue.
- the officiant should put the MAILING address, not the physical address
- make NO MISTAKES, because you have to start over if you do--make sure everyone signs in the right place
- DO NOT use white-out

I hope the paperwork goes much more smoothly for the rest of you!

Re: Marriage Licenses--just a heads up

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