Secondary hotels in Jackson?

Hey girls,

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  I am just doing some research while I'm in between school semesters & trying to get as much planned as possible for our June wedding.  Anyone know of any budget-friendly hotels in Jackson that we could refer our out-of-town guests to?  The wedding is at Spring Creek Ranch and we have a group rate at SCR and the nearby Best Western as well.  I'm trying to find a third teir place with rooms in the $100 range so my college friends and extended family can afford to stay in Jackson and attend the wedding... any ideas??  

Thanks so much!

Re: Secondary hotels in Jackson?

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    You're in luck - my wedding is in July so I have already prepared some info!  Here is a list of some places I have on my website that are for $150 and under basically.  I made a Google Map of as many lodging options as I could find for people to investigate along with their prices. 

    You'll have to search for their website links to get price info.

    Anvil Motel
    Hatchet Resort
    Anglers Inn
    Cache Creek Motel
    Motel 6
    The Hotel
    Flat Creek Inn
    Town Square Inns - Antlter Motel
    Town Square Inns - Elk Country Inn
    Town Square Inns - Quality Inn & 49er Suites
    Town Square Inns - Cowboy Villate Resort

  • Sweet!  Thanks for the lodging info.!  SCR is super pricey and I'm finding that they charge extra for EVERYTHING.  I'm hoping it's all worth it though because their property is gorgeous...
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