Location Help for Lander, WY

We are looking for a place for an outdoor wedding in Lander.  We have looked into the CWC field station but they have a 10 O'clock curfew and we where hopping to do our wedding and reception at the same location. 

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    I am having the same problem! We've reserved the field station for ours as a holding spot, but are hoping to find somewhere for an after party at the very least. Even that is proving to be difficult - it seems like everything closes at 9. The community center seems like an ok options, though I've never been inside.

    Let me know if you come up with anything; I'll share if I find any gems!
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    my girlfriend just had her wedding in lander and the reception was at the Best Western it was really beautiful.
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    We decided to do the wedding in Dubois at the CM ranch. It is very resonable and there are enough accomidations for 120 guests to stay there. We are having the wedding outside and the reception inside. 
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    I went to a wedding at the Sinks Canyon in September and it definitely didn't shut down by 10!  Maybe the band had to stop playing then (can't quite remember what time it was, cocktails started @ 4 so we were well into the party!).  But people camped and there was a fire until the wee hours....  Awesome if you're into hanging out outside, etc but not for everyone.  Beautiful venue though.
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