Reception IN Yellowstone?

Has anyone ever been to/going to have/had a reception actually in Yellowstone Park?  If so, where?  Thanks!
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Re: Reception IN Yellowstone?

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    I used to live in Yellowstone years ago (Park Service brat), and it really depends on what date you have set for your wedding. After the first part of October, the concessions pretty much shut down. Know that the hotels at Lake, Mammoth Hot Springs, Roosevelt Lodge, and Old Faithful are booked by tourists a year in advance. TW Services runs the hotels in the Park. You may have better luck looking at venues in one of the gateway communities such as Gardiner MT (limited), Cooke City MT (limited), Cody WY, Jackson Hole WY, or even Red Lodge MT (Rock Creek Lodge is really nice). Good Luck and Happy Planning!
    Rev. Catherine
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    I am planning for a wedding for more than a year from now so that we can get people to come to our domestic destination in Yellowstone. Where would you recommend in the park in the summer?  

    How are some of the towns just outside the park?  I'm not sure where we want to stay and really don't want to break anyone's bank.

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    I'm from the Sacramento region and just got married in Jackson Hole, WY (6/11/11).  After the wedding, we spent a few days up in W. Yellowstone to relax and get back to the reason we went there in the first place.  If you want, email me and I can give you some advice on this area for a U.S. destination wedding, costs, my vendors, ideas, etc. on what will work given the region.  I went through a year of planning and what I feel was absolute HELL!  I'm just glad that my guests enjoyed their time and now everyone is excited to go back in a few years. 

    For me, it was another story despite having the areas BEST wedding planner.  Wedding planners, vendors, contracts, and costs, are NOT like here!  I'd LOVE to share my experience and knowledge so it will save others tons of $$, stress, and time!!

    Email:  ABsnRing@Hotmail.com


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