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Thursday Accountability

Morning! I am tired today. It's raining here and it was really hard to get out of bed this morning. I wasn't great last night at dinner. We ended up going to our neighborhood steakhouse instead of trekking into the city because it was getting late and it was raining. I didn't order my steak grilled dry like I planned and I ate almost all 7oz. I had mashed potatoes that were to. die. for. And I had 3 glasses of white wine. So I definitely went over my daily points and tapped into my weekly points for dinner. Which is ok. I'm ok with that. 

B: Egg white omelette with tomatoes, onions, and 1 slice of American cheese (4), tea
S: Fruit cup
L: Lean Cuisine Ranchero Braised Beef (6)
S: Apple
D: Salad with feta and red wine vinaigrette (10)

E: 45 minutes on the elliptical (+6), 15 minutes upper-body weights (+1)

Let's do a question today for some snack inspiration:

What's your favorite healthy snack?
WW makes these little creme cakes that I am kind of obsessed with. I've had the chocolate creme cake, golden sponge cake with creamy filling, and yesterday FI brought home a couple boxes of the red velvet. They're SO good! And only 2 points. It satisfies my sweet tooth but barely affects my points for the day. 

Re: Thursday Accountability

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    B- yogurt with strawberries, tea,
    S- bagel with some butter
    L- vegetarian pad thai
    D-Tomato paella
    S- popcorn

    E- Hopefully some Just Dance

    I had pizza for dinner last night when I went out with my friend, ughh I had to take the cheese off of it though.  I haven't worked out as nearly as much as I hoped to this week.

    I'm not sure I have a favorite health snack, when I snack at home, it's something usually not so healthy.  Although sometimes applesauce with some cinnamon is yummy, and frozen banana in the food processor is good.  I also make my own banana pudding too.  Now that I think about it I may have to make some banana pudding tonight.


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    B:  2 eggs, 1 pc. toast, 1 tsp orange-fig spread, Emergen-C packet (250)
    S:  orange (80)
    L:  ST chicken cavatelli soup (330), large apple (120)
    S:  pistachios (85)
    D:  not sure... I'll have 475 cals left not including exercise, which I plan on doing.  I have some leftover cavatelli I might eat, or I have the stuff to make homemade tomato soup.  we'll just see!  actually, I'm thinking homemade tomato soup with a spinach salad... YUM.

    E:  cardio intervals, walk the dogs (approx 200-250); some body weight strength training (to get my arms ready for crutches)

    favorite healthy snack:
    I'm trying to eat closer to the ground (more whole foods) so I'm slowly getting rid of processed snacks. that's one easy thing I can change.  
    so right now, my favorite snacks are fresh fruit with fresh cheese, nuts, deli meat with cheese.  my favorite sweet snack is a couple of dark Hershey's kisses (20 cals each)
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    B: oatmeal (160)
    S: nuts (170) + hot chocolate (60)
    L: steamed veggies (175) + protein bar (190)
    S: ??
    D: not sure, probably 400-500 calories
    Total: 1155-1255

    I'm not sure what I will have for a snack, but I have 100-200 calories to spend depending on what dinner is.  Dinner might end up being soup again, depending on how I feel. 

    I love hummus for a healthy snack.  For extra healthy I eat it with veggies, for less healthy I eat it with pita bread.
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    B: Pumpkin protein shake (314cal)
    S: Small Banana (74cal)
    L: Tuna and swiss on sandwich thin, baby carrots, apple (372cal)
    S: Chobani 0% Peach (140cal)
    D: Baked tilapia and a kale salad w/homemade balsamic dressing (306cal)

    Favorite healthy snack: handful of almonds, triscuts and peanut butter, vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with cocoa powder and stevia (tastes like chocolate mousse) 
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    B: frosties
    S: dried apricots
    L: ham & cheese sandwich with pringles
    S: yogurt & kiwi
    D: taco salad

    Fav healthy snack: dried apricots. Maybe ones dipped in a little chocolate if I'm feeling like a treat.
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    B: Smart ones egg and cheese breafast sandwich and black coffee
    S: Pineapple
    L: Salad with grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions + handful of almonds
    D: Turkey tacos with Spanish rice

    My favorite healthy snack would be pop chips. My favorite are the BBQ or jalapeno ones. The little bags you can buy are only 100 calories each. Or I really love Chobani Strawberry & Banana yogurt with some vanilla granola. It fills me up for a few hours.
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    I had trouble posting all morning - just decided to try a different browser - and it works, so here I am!

    Anyways, I planned on doing my 2nd weekly weigh-in at the gym last night, and I really didn't want to. I knew I had taken in too much sodium over the past two days, and I felt bloated. Plus I had eaten two leftover pieces of (homemade) pizza for lunch just a few hours earlier, and my stomach still felt full with that food. I mentally prepared myself to be up a pound or two, but - I was down exactly 1lb! I know our weight fluctuates by more than that on a daily basis, but I'm just soo happy that it wasn't higher than it was last week (especially because I had expected that my starting weight was going to be about 5lbs higher than it was). Sigh of relief, and extra motivation for this week!

    B: Strawberry parfait smoothie: 380
    S: 15 reduced fat crackers: 210
    L: TBD (something light, since I already ate a bunch of crackers)
    D: TBD

    E: 1 hour horseback riding lesson tonight, and probably playing tennis with BF this afternoon. Minus at least 300 cals.
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    I worked out yesterday for the third day in a row... woo hoo!

    My eating wasn't too bad, but I didn't have dinner at all, just 5-6 glasses of wine (ouch!)

    E: 20 mins running/walking on the treadmill and 20 mins of arm weights.
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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

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