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WR: Bridal Showers

Over Easter my aunts are hosting a joint shower for myself and my cousin's fiance.

I haven't seen the invitation at all, but based on previous family showers it'll likely be worded that the Aunts of myself and my cousin are hosting their shower. So, for me it is Aunt J, Aunt K and Aunt M, for my cousin's fiance it'll be Aunt J, Aunt K and my mom.

Clearly the etiquette of my mom not being involved at all isn't being followed, but she doesn't seem to view that she is contributing to stuff for me. Either one asked me about this.

My question is, who do I give thank you gifts to? Just my Aunt J who is holding the shower at her house? And, knowing her, doing most of the work and will direct everyone else day of. Or, all 3 of my aunts? Neither my mom or I have seen the invitation so we are guessing at who the hosts are.

Re: WR: Bridal Showers

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    Umm thats confusing! Lol I have no idea. If your mom is hosting for your cousin's FI then how come she hasn't seen an invite?


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    Cause between themselves my mom and my aunts do everything by phone.
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    I'd probably write at least a thank you to all hostesses (who are being listed as hosting for you).  Though I'm tempted to say that you probably should give all a thank you gift.
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    I figure everyone is getting a thank you note, but the actual gift I wasn't sure about.
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    Hmm I would give the gift to the women who is hosting but I would be prepared to give follow up gifts later.  I do have a miss manners book somewhere I could look later for you.
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