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Worst Gf Ever!

I am!

OMG. So I just posted about how I've been annoyed with my boyfriend being lazy and not job hunting yet.  Well, this morning before I left for work I got upset because he didn't even get off the couch to kiss me goodbye... he just like waved Undecided

So, I told him I was kind of mad.  And apparently he decided to go on a bike ride.  He then stopped to get me a bottled frapuccino (my fav), and was on his way to my work to drop it off for me along with some chocolates, and he fell on some uneven pavement a couple blocks away from my work....

He walks up to my work and I see him, like limping.  I run outside... his arm is MESSED up.. like a bone not where it should be.  He goes inside, into the bathroom and starts puking.  I tried to ask what exactly happened, but he was in too much pain to talk about it.  His mom just picked him up to go to the E.R.  He wouldn't let me take him Frown

I think he was in so much pain he was crying.... and just wanted him mom... I understand.  I mean.. even when we're grown in like super severe situations a lot of people want their parents....

I'm going up to the hospital as soon as I get off work... I can't believe this... I feel like a jerk!
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