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Good self tanner?

Hey all :)

I've been trying to care more for my skin so have stopped the tanning beds/laying outside. But, I still want to look tan so I need opinions on a good self tanner.

Currently I'm using Jergen's. I like it okay. I'm not amazed by the results, although it isn't streaky and looks fairly natural. I hate how bad I smell. I'll apply the Jergens, and then later in the day apply a body lotion and/or body spray. I still stink. My BF doesn't care for the smell either, so hence the reason I am looking to switch :)

edit to say that I don't have a preference for gradual or instant tan.
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Re: Good self tanner?

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    Blue & WhiteBlue & White member
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    Victoria's Secret has these self-tanning cloth things that you rub on yourself (they're wet with some kinda ingredient) that work pretty well.  However, it can get streaky if you forget a giant patch of your arm or something.  I've only used em once and they were better than this other stuff I used that rubbed off on my clothes.  So, not a great help, but it's worth looking into.
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    I use Jergins and don't mind the smell. I also prefer the foaming to the cream lotion. 

    You could try professional spray tans, but those only last 1-2 weeks and can be expensive. Some salons have monthly memberships though which will bring down the price per spray. 

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    jemmini6jemmini6 member
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    I use Neutrogena MicroMist.  It works really well, but there can be a bit of a learning curve to knowing the best way to apply it on yourself.  The good thing I've found though is that if you happen to end up with some spots that are a little heavy (mostly on your feet because the mist falls down and more ends up settling there), that nailpolish remover helps even it out.
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    SKP82SKP82 member
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    I've found that all self tanners have that smell.

    I've used ones from Bath and Body Works before that were good.
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    sparkles88sparkles88 member
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    Victoria's Secret has their beach sexy (or maybe it's Very Sexy?) line. I find the smell a lot more tolerable than any other tanners I have used. The lotion is also very moisturizing and provides pretty even color. It also has SPF 15 so you can build a fake tan and lay in the sun too! The only downside is price. It's usually on sale for 2 for $20. I bought mine at the semi annual sale last winter. It was on clearance for $3 a tube!
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    I've been using Loreal, it's a spray gel and I think it's great! I like it better than Jergens, which is what I had used up to this point. If you do use it just make sure you put on lotion first so you don't get blotchy. 
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