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Job Interview For Me!

I think the impending arrival of my bunny rabbit is lucky because I have a job interview tomorrow morning!!!

It's at an animal inn - a boarding house for dogs and cats whose owners are away. They provide everything from food and shelter to a heated indoor exercise pool to a doggie/kitty spa...the works, really. I don't exactly know what I'd be doing there, but if it means getting to be around dogs all day, I am sold.

You see, I recently re-evaluated my life and decided that what I got my BA in was not necessarily what I want to do. After thought and meditation and research and a mild panic attack, I discovered that working with dogs is probably my life's passion. Specifically, becoming a dog groomer. At the interview tomorrow I am going to mention it is an interest of mine, and hope that they will see potential in me.

I am so excited I'm doing pirouettes around my apartment!!!

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image 29 have other plans

image 43 need to respond!

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