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We are getting our wedding and reception for free...


Re: We are getting our wedding and reception for free...

  • I am appalled!! Not at Lawwoman for coming up with a wonderful idea that seems to work for her and her family BUT at this site and it's members for verbally annialating this poor woman online about her special day!

    I came on to this site hoping to find some excellent ideas for an inexpensive wedding and was looking forward to reading about everyone's thoughts, ideas and experiences.  This thread has made me sick to my stomach.

    Let me apologize to Lawwoman for every one of you out there that has responded to this thread with unkind words.  This is your day, your family and your special moment.  If your guests and family know you, which I asume they do being as they've been invited to your remarkable wedding, they'll understand and attend in the fashion in which they can.  This sounds like an incredible wedding!  I hope you have the most special day of your life on this cruise with everyone you love surrounding you!!

    Enough said...
  • Forgive me, RetreadBride.  I was under the impression this was a site that always welcomed new brides and interaction with them?  Then again, there's always a rowdy in the bunch on a forum, isn't there? Looks like, by name's sake, you've been down this road a few times and, therefor, should be the expert right?

    I did not write my previous post looking to bait members in to yet another ridiculing response on a new bride.  In fact, that post was specifically for LawWoman's own piece of mind, not yours. The spirit of this type of forum should be positive.  If anyone out there is looking for a forum to vent their daily frustrations out on I have quite a few I can recommend.  Just message me Wink

    Oh, and I have 2 posts now, look at that! Cool
  • edited January 2013
    Damn, I hate typos Wink ( ...and that would be "divorced once before this".  Past tense )

    I would answer your question of "Are those reasons good enough for you?" however you have deleted my previous post therefor I have nothing to refer back to.  Nor, as a matter of fact, does anyone else reading this thread if you continue to just delete posts that don't spotlight you as this incredible, wonderful, beauty queen of a bride, moderator.  How convenient for you...

    Let me throw out a huge thank you from all of us new brides that joined trying to learn from your 'experiences' here on The Knot.  I will honestly say I've learned a lot but probably NOT what the originators of this website were intending...

    Signing off as the 1 post SOCKPUPPET...  ( because I'm assuming this post will be deleted as well )

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