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My good friend who moved to Seattle last October came to visit. While I know she has other people to see, she only stayed with me 1 of the 6 nights, and this other girl for 3 nights, and another mutual friend for 2 nights.  I offered our house up and making plans with her when I'm not at work most days/evenings. I cleared my plans for all 6 days, aside from work. I have tried to be diplomatic and non emotional about it, but between you all, I feel like I was her "second choice" for plans. I feel gipped. Makes me sad. I really miss having a best friend and at one point she was my best friend.

To add to this, DH and I have been bickering about chores and it didn't help that I haven't gotten as much done as I'd promised because I was busying myself with the minimal plans that I had with my friend. In the long run I'll always have DH, but I feel like I kind of wasted emotion and time with her when I should have been honoring my promises (about stupid chores) to my DH.

I'm 3 days pre menstrual cycle. All I wanna do is eat chocolate peanut butter M&Ms and cry.

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    The fact that we're newlyweds and she is single probably wasn't as much of  factor as the fact that we are far from everything and we don't have a pool. It's been in the 80s here and that's all she wanted to do with other friends (while I was working).

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    That sucks Nursey! *hugs* I really miss having a BFF too (well one that isn't a 10 hour drive away). I'm sure she didn't mean to be hurtful but that doesn't mean it hurts any less.

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    That sucks Nursey I am sorry *hugs*  Did she express any interest in staying with you before?  Sorry that you are bickering with the DH
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    I've been there before.  After high school (ten years ago), I had a couple really close friends move away and it seems like whenever they came in town, I was the last one out of the group of us that got invited to attend get-togethers, etc.

    I finally just stopped caring.  If they don't care, why should I?

    I'm sorry that you feel hurt and I hope it all works out.  Feel better!
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