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After a long year on NEY...

I'm engaged!

(I actually wrote "I'm engaggled," whatever that means. I have a feeling it has something to do with geese)

The ring used to belong to his grandma.

Want a story? Here's a story.

BF texted me and told me we were going to go to see the Christmas lights that the local science center does every year for charity (it's kind of a big deal around here).

When he got to the apartment and we got in his car, I recognized that he was wearing the same cologne he wore when we first started going out. And he had cleaned out his car. Two things he never does. ;)

We had never been before, so we assumed that the layout was that you drive through the lights and then get out to see Santa and get food and stuff like that. But it turns out that you're supposed to get out and walk through a bunch of the lights before you drive through. At first he was like "no no no let's drive through first. it will be better that way." Then I pointed out about four signs that tell you specifically not to do that. So he agreed and we got out. 

I had an idea it was going to be tonight based on the fact that he cleaned out his car and had to "run home and change" after work, and then shows up in the exact same clothes he went to work in, but once we got there I threw that out of my head, because he wasn't acting nervous at all. He just kept talking about how cold it was. We did about two laps around the lights. At one point, there was this place where you can walk underneath this branch-arch kind of thing, like a tunnel I guess. They had twinkle lights all over it and I said "ohh I like this." And then we kept walking.

Then we came to the end and I said "well I guess we drive through now." and BF said "No, let's walk through again!" So we walked through again and we were back under the tunnel. He started slowing down, and I started walking faster. He stopped and I said "Shut up." He laughed and gave the shortest proposal speech ever. Before he even got the words "will you marry me?" out, I already had said yes and took the ring out of the box. He stood up and hugged me and I said "wait! let me put it on first!" :)

While he was still kneeling, this kid comes running full force down the hill and had to stomp on the breaks to keep from knocking BF over. Then his family came running after and they were like "Did y'all just get engaged?!" and we had a little cheer session.

Then we went and got pizza.

And here's a picture of my cat.

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