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How about this for a proposal and wedding idea

For Those who read my last post about telling my boyfriend that I do want to get married.

Our son is going to be 2 and we are holding his birthday at the beginning of June (just immeidate family)

BF and I are going to a nice dinner in a couple weeks (our first date in ages). I was thinking about telling him saying something like how I wanted to give our son the best birthday gift a mother can give her marry his father.  and then present BF with 2 wedding bands. (as I said in my post farther down - I don't want a diamond...we have better things to be spending money on)

Then we tell no one and then at our son's birthday, after everyone eats and before the sugar rush of cake, we tell everyone that we want to give Alek his birthday present. We will have a judge show-up just before this time and will ask him to come forward and perform a short little ceremony (just the basics).

I know people will think this takes away from our son's birthday celebration. But I don't think it is any worse that giving your child a shirt that says "big sister" on her birthday to tell the family that you are expecting again.

What do you think?  Of course BF and I will be nicely dressed (again, this is a second wedding for both of us so no big gowns, or receptions, etc). 

we both want to get married, but we don't have the time or energy or desire to spend money on a big wedding again.

any other simple ideas are appeciated.  We were thinking about presenting his two kids with small gifts too.


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