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I can't wait until we hate each other!!

So bf and I went looking at apartments this weekend, at each place we were given a tour and had a lovely Q&A either after or during. At every place we went to the women giving the tour said something along the lines of "well, you're not married so you still like each other". The part I was most amused by was that they ranged in age from "could be my grandma" to "graduated HS 2 years after bf".I get the whole funny stereotype of married people being miserable but I'm not sure I understand the compulsion to say things like that to complete strangers.
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Re: I can't wait until we hate each other!!

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    That seems like one of those real estate statements they say to make the upsell. 
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    Owning a house is hard. We have the house and the children. We argue over who did this and who didnt do this around the house. We dont hate each other but we have our moments where the house and kids are in the way. People are good at doing that. When I was pregnant people i didnt know would walk up and touch my belly and say when are you due. That is when I learned to just ignore other people. People dont seem to know when not to butt in or give their own point of view. Just ignore them they arent you and your bf.
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    Yeah that's just one of those stupid things people say, like every married couple is unhappy and hate each other, certainly not true for any married people I know.Owning a house is hard but I'd much rather be struggling with my BF there beside me than doing it on my own.We never get too het up over who's job it is to do anything, I just figure life is too short to worry about who did the washing up.
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    If that is a way to try to upsell, it would not work with me.I wouldn't want to buy a home from someone who insults the sanctity of marriage less than 24 hours into my relationship with them!
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