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Need some non-wedding advice

So my roommates and i have been living together a week and everything has been great.. but i was wondering how to deal with this... We have an open food policy.. where we share everything.. well sometimes i crave certain foods.. such as hot dogs or other times i buy speical items for a certain recipe...Last week before i left i bought a 10 pack of hotdogs and hot dog buns well i came home today and all the hotdogs were gone and i didnt get the chance to have any of them.. Now its not a big deal but i know down the line if we all keep going along not saying anything then it'll keep building and building so i was wondering how to approach the issue without sounding like a biitch and i dont want them thinking its a huge deal... so what would you do this sititution...

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    When I've had roomates we've done the food thing a few different ways. One is the way you're doing it where everyone shares, but the problem is someone almost always gets upset at some point, sometimes rightfully. Food can be expensive!Another option is to still be allwed to eat anything someone buys, unless it's labeles. Example, you buy cookie dough or hot dogs for a certain thing. Put your name on it and please don't touch. Everone else can do the same. That way, when you want to share you can, and you don't, you don't.The other way is to divide the fridge and cabinets and you only get to eat what you buy. Good Luck!
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    Maybe you could post a note up on the fridge saying 'I have plans for the hotdogs please don't eat them all'?Other than that I'd talk to your roommates and just let them know when you buy something you are particularly craving and ask them not to eat it
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    Well this is my second round of roommates and with my first we did our own food.. but i think the post it solution is a good idea.. or at least take half of the hotdogs and put them in another container so that i can have mine.. plus i'll wait another week to see if one of them buys hotdogs...if not then i'll say something.. Thanks!
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    Yeah this is why I never was fond of having roommates. Only did it for freshman year of college and one year of law school...which culminated in my roomates leaving and taking everything including the ice cube trays.  Biitches.  Anyway I guess you could start putting your name on things, I don't know.  That sucks though.
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    This is how my sister used to do it.They would have a "community shelf" in the cupboard and fridge where you put stuff there you want to share. Then, they would each have their own personal area/shelf where you put your food that you don't want anyone else to eat. Or, just write your name on it.
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    i lived with 7 other girls in college.  there was NO open food policy.  if you didn't buy it, get your paws off of it.  that's the way to go, IMO.  even then, you find stuff missing now and then.i think an "open food" policy just adds unnecessary drama... someone will ALWAYS be annoyed, not say anything about it, or cause drama, or start writing passive-aggressive notes, etc.   it can be hard enough living with roommates, save yourselves the frustration here.  everybody buys their own food.  you won't regret it.
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    I know if you guys plan your meals, but maybe write out a weekly menu of what you are making and post it on the fridge or somewhere where everyone will see it. If they know you are planning to make something with it, (hopefully) they won't eat it. You could also try buying two packs of hot dogs. Keep one in the frige in case the rest of the roommates want any and keep yours in the freezer till the day you need them.
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    I am moving in with 2 other girls this week, we'll all be there by Friday. I am nervous to share food, but I expect that's what the other girls will want. The crappy part is that I can't drink milk, or eat a few other common 'staple' foods (pickles, hot chocolate, peanut butter, random items like that), and I need brown breads and pastas etc. So...this could be fun! I think we'll have to label certain foods. I am keeping a mini-fridge in my room - since I have one already it wasn't a new expense - for things I just don't want to share. And we'll each have a shelf in the pantry. Beyond that, it's going to be fair game I guess.
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    When I had roommates we had a open food policy too, but we had a rule that if you didn't buy it don't eat the last one. It worked really well as long as you remember what you bought and what other people bought.
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    I lived with 8 girls in college, and we shared basic items (spices, milk, eggs, etc.) and then we had our own personal items. If someone wanted some of another person's food, you asked permission first. That's probably the easiest way to go about it.

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    We have 2 friends renting a room from us and pretty much an open food policy too. We tend to make dinner & eat together so not everyone has to cook every night, and it works out to be cheaper for everyone. But, it is expected with us if someone buys something specific (like hot dogs, or chicken for BBQqing, etc,) they can decide if they want to cook it for everyone for dinner on their night, or just eat it themselves. IN other words, we share milk, butter, etc, but not 'specific' foods. Also, you are not allowed to eat the last of something (such as the ice cream!) if you didn't buy it. I think its best to set the expectations up front, talk about it, and let them know you're not trying to be bitchy, just want to avoid any future conflict.
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    We had colored dot stickers. Everyone had a color and gold stars were general. So gold star on the item anyone can take red dot for 1 roomate blue dot another green another You did not take without permission from someone elses dotted items
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