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In need of your brilliant advice!

Hey girls,I haven't posted in a while but I've been lurking.  Ok a little background:  my bf lately has been really frustrated and very close to going postal at work.  ((He's been getting scheduled more frequently than others, working long shifts, and being very unappreciated)) Also his grandmother just died and the services were held the same day he had a Metallica concert.  Also when he's having a rough day the thing that calms him the most is certain music. Anyways all that being said this is what I was thinking...I think today he has hit an all time high of being upset so I really want to do something special for him.  I was thinking of having that previously mentioned calming music playing when he walks in.  I'll asking to get dressed to go out.  Then take him to some nice restaurant for dinner and then take him to watch couples retreat which we were discussing watching today.  Then when we get home I was thinking of putting a Metallica dvd on and watching it.  Maybe making him a batch of his favorite cookies.  What do you think?Too much too corny? Do you think it will work to make him happy?

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    When I feel crappy I usually don't want to go anywhere.  AND I just read a really bad review of Couples Retreat.  I like the cookie idea though.  How about dinner, cookies and a DVD?
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    I think your heart is totally in the right place.  However, every person reacts differently when they're upset.  If he wants to go see the movie, then definitely go see it and have fun.  Maybe it'll get his mind off stuff (I don't trust reviews...they're usually from someone with different tastes than me anyway).Afterwards, I think hanging out and watching a DVD of his favorite band is a great idea.  And I will never turn down cookies.  Ever.Where did he go see Metallica?  BF and I were at the show this past Sunday in was awesome!
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    I like that one. Stay in. Let him vent and relax. The one thing that ruins an evening with my BF the fastest is pouncing on him the second he walks in the door and not letting him unwind. Cookies are always appreciated, no matter the circumstances. Just try to let him set the pace of the evening, and he won't feel rushed or pounced on.
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    I agree with NQB- I would probably go for low key if my other half had a really bad day at work.  You could schedule something fun for tomorrow/this weekend though like a wine tasting, trip to the movie theater, or attend a local concert event after he has had the chance to unwind.
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    I'm sorry he's been having such a tough time lately! I know it's also hard on the other person when one partner is struggling. Kudos for being supportive!That said, I'm with everyone else. Try not pounce as soon as he walks in or start firing questions a mile a minute. Go with HIS flow. Sometimes when my BF is super stressed or feeling down, he wants to do his own thing, but have me nearby to get a kiss n cuddle every so often. So be prepared to give him space if that's what he needs.Good luck, and I hope whatever you do, you both have a relaxing night!
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