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BF once told me that the ideal proposal for him would be right after Virginia Tech wins the national championship game.  Tech has never won a national championship and so it was one of those dreams that he thought would never come true.  However Tech is #5 in the polls right now and if we continue to do well there is a slight possibility the Hokies could actually play in January...which is making BF hold off on a proposal for now. GAH!  As a loyal Hokie fan I am beyond thrilled at how high they are in the polls... but as a woman on the brink of an engagement I cannot freakin' believe that this HAD to be the year they do so well.   Vent over ;o)        

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    Well in that case, go Hokies!
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    Indeed! Apparently they're doing better than my Boilermakers!
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    This sounds exactly like my BF. College football is a big thing in our house. However, his dream win came true a few weeks ago and although he had been planning to do it then, no proposal. Although I still think the engagement is going to revolve around some kind football game. Good luck. And go Hokies!
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    Seeing as how I'm an Ohio State fan, I'd be SCREWED if my BF decided to propose when the Bucks won a championship. ::snicker::Unless we play Michigan in a bowl game. Then I'm A-OK. ;)

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    Haha, if Syracuse University wins a National Championship anytime soon I'd probably drop dead before bf would get a chance to propose! He better not be waiting for that!
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    A) I went to VT for grad school and was at the game on Saturday! Now we're #4! However, it could be difficult for us to get to the national championship (need some people like Texas/Florida/Alabama to lose) . . . but here's hoping! LET'S GO . . HOKIES!! B) I went to Purdue for undergrad as well. We shall not discuss the Boilermakers! At least they are accelling at turnovers! We lead to FBS with 20 on the season!! BOILER UP!
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