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What to do about DAD?

 Thinking about who will walk me down the aisle...

My parrents are divorced and have been pretty much my whole life so that is not the issue... I have a step father that has been in my life since I was ten as well as my real dad.

I want them both to walk me down the aisle but was wondering if any of you have seen this done before and what you think?

How will I carry my flowers? do I have step dad walk me half way and dad walk me the other?

I have not approached either of them about this yet but figure they will be fine with it cause they are actually pretty good friends.

I want to be sure it is what I am going to do before I suggest it. What are the things I should think of before I ask them??

Re: What to do about DAD?

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    I have seen both dads walk the bride down the aisle. How the bride carried flowers didn't even register. I think it would depend on how well they get along. Or you could have them each walk you half way. If they are equally important to you I would have them both walk at the same time.
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    Walk down with one "dad" on each arm, and you holding the flowers right in front of you.
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    My cousin did this at her wedding about 13 years ago...

    My uncle(Dad's brother) is her Step-dad, but she'd lived with him & my Aunt most of her life. Her bio dad was still very much in her life as well. Both of them walked her down the aisle until the front pew, where my uncle kissed her cheek and sat down. Her dad continued escorting her to the altar. I can't remember the flowers...but it was probably done as the PP mentioned.
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    I have a similar issue except that my father is sick.  He has pretty severe emphysema so I don't think he will be able to walk me all the way down the aisle.  I would love to have my step dad walk me up to my dad at the top of the aisle but I am worried about offended my father.  Same thing goes with the father/daughter dance...  do I not have one at all because my dad won't be able to dance with me or do I ask him if he is okay with me dancing with my step dad.  My stepdad got ordained online to marry us in the event that he won't be walking me down the aisle.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! 
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