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Thintopia - Have you decided on a reward?

Earlier people were talking about what their reward was going to be if they met their goal. So....

Have you decided on a goal?

If no, are you planning on having one? Are you having difficulty deciding?

If yes, what is it?

Re: Thintopia - Have you decided on a reward?

  • I'm not doing thintopia... but I do have a goal - it's to feel confident in a bathinsuit on my honeymoon! T-10lbs in 40 days, here we go!
  • my goal is to fit back in my normal sized clothes.  boring?

    H promised me a massage at a spa if I get a six-pack, haha.  and I'll probably buy something cute to wear once I do hit my goal, but I don't have anything "big" planned.
  • Me, not really.

    I'd like to set up a reward for if I get to my Thintopia goal in 7 weeks. Although I'm not sure if it should be related to having a healthy lifestyle or making it more like a treat.

    I'm contemplating a new tank....if money is burning a hole in my pocket.....from Lululemon.
  • I just can't wait to get back to my normal weight!
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  • peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 Washington, DC member
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    I'm not doing Thintopia right now either.  At least, not until I have a scale in my room/bathroom.  So, when i go home.

    But my reward is going to be new clothes for vacation.  In particular a couple new bathing suits.  :)
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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    I haven't been keeping up with thintopia just because I didn't really start when we started it but I'll answer the questions anyway

    Have you decided on a goal?

    My goal is to lose 15 lbs every3 months (5 lbs. a month) and to be at 115 lbs. by the end of the year.

    If no, are you planning on having one? Are you having difficulty deciding? If yes, what is it?
    I haven't decided on rewards for my small goals (the 15 lbs. per 3 months). Honestly, just reaching them and feeling better about how I look is encouraging enough. Plus I have it in the back of my head that BF is (most likely) proposing sometime this year and I'd like to have lost a significant amount of weight by that point.

    But when I reach my goal weight of 115 my reward will be a shopping spree to get an entirely new wardrobe (which I will need anyway since none of my clothes will fit after losing 60 lbs).

  • I've lost over 10 pounds since we got engaged, and I really want to lose at least 15 more before the wedding. I just want to like how I look in my wedding pictures, and feel confident in a bathing suit. I'm not expecting to feel AWESOME, but I definitely don't want to hate how I look like I do now.
  • In Response to <a href="">Thintopia - Have you decided on a reward?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Earlier people were talking about what their reward was going to be if they met their goal. So.... Have you decided on a goal? If no, are you planning on having one? Are you having difficulty deciding? If yes, what is it?
    Posted by Hazel_B[/QUOTE]

    <div>My official goal is 120 pounds, but I'll be ok if I don't quite hit it.  When I first started losing weight last year, my goal was 123, but I started slacking off when I got close so I adjusted my goal to give myself more motivation.</div><div>
    </div><div>I don't really have a reward in mind.  Basically, I have until mid- to late- March to start alterations on my wedding dress, and I want to be at my goal weight by then.  So I have about 2 months to lose between 6 and 8 pounds.  Sounds ridiculously easy, but considering I've been stuck for the last month after gaining a couple pounds in the month before that, it'll still be a challenge.</div>
  • I'd like to lose around 30 pounds by my wedding.  If I do, I'll buy myself a new wardrobe!

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    My current goal is to lose 13lbs by April. My reward is some new outfits for my vacation :)

    Ideally I want to lose 18 (my original WW goal) & maintain but then I'd like to be down a few more than that for the wedding/honeymoon.  

  • What is thintopia?

    I do have a goal: I am going to run a 5k on April 22.

    Actually I have 2 goals. I also want to lose 20 lbs by May 1.

    I think my reward for the 5k will be a pedicure, and the reward for losing 20 lbs will be a body scrub. Or possibly a body cocoon. Or both. We'll see.
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  • I'm not doing Thintopia, but I am eating and drinking better and working out (read 2-3 times a week instead of 0-1). 

    I am planning to reward myself (and BF) with a boudoir session. 

    Also, I just registered for my first 5K of 2012 (it's in May) this will also be my first run in over 10 years!
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  • TDW: Thintopia is a website where we all track our weight loss each week for 8 weeks at a time and it shows percentages instead of pounds, so we can keep track of our weight and kinda use the competition as motivation. If you want to join, click here and the password is: password. : )

    Also, what is a body cocoon?

    My first reward will be a new purse. That's when I get to 165. And then another 5 pounds I'll buy a top, another 5 and I'll get some bottoms, and another 5 and I'll get new boots. Eventually get a whole outfit without spending much money, lol.

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