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What's the deal with ceremony music?

I am playing around with program wording and it got me thinking about ceremony music. In researching TK, I discovered the processional and the prelude are different? The prelude is played before the ceremony, and the processional is when the bridal party comes out? And then the recessional is when the bridal party exits? Clearly I am still confused.

I want to play Canon in D when I walk down the aisle. We want Colbie Callliat "Brighter than the Sun" playing as we kiss, are announced, and exit. I don't understand what everything else should be. Help?
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Re: What's the deal with ceremony music?

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    The "Prelude" is the music that is played when guests are being seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin.   Some people will have the Mothers seated to this music as well.

    Some people like to have their wedding party "process" (walk down the aisle) to special music (though this could also be done during the "prelude").    The Bride usually has her own music as well ("Here Comes The Bride", Trumpet Voluntary, and Cannon in D are popular choices).   

    The "Recessional" is when you come back up the aisle after the ceremony.   The song you have chosen sounds really cute:-)   My sister and her husband came back up the aisle to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and it was super-fun.

    As CGMr said, if you're getting married in a church, then definitely check with them before selecting your music.  They may have different requirements.
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    I would also reconsider music being played while you are introduced as H & W as well as during your kiss (it might make you feel rushed).
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