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You guys. It's Friday!


Re: You guys. It's Friday!

  • Good luck with the shoot today Meg. I bet it will be so much fun and you will look amazing.  Yay for 29 more wake ups!!!!


  • Yay for your BF moving in, Danser!  Good luck with getting everything settled in.  :)

    Bean, I hope you feel better soon.  My sister and her BF have a stomach funk going on right now, too.  Last night, we were trying to plan a time for Monday to get together and take my kiddo to see ParaNorman, but she had to get off the phone because she was not even up for the chat.

    It is a few of my friend's birthdays and my step-brother's birthday this weekend.  I'll have a family lunch on Saturday and a house party in the evening  The hostess rocks.  They  are hosting a taco bar and cupcakes.  Pair that with some great house and funk music... perfection!  The last time FI and I went, we only knew a few of the DJs, but we made about half a dozen friends that night.  It is a fun crowd!

    Sunday, there is a Garden Party BBQ to celebrate a friend's backyard garden harvest and more birthday shenanigans.

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    [QUOTE] The hostess rocks.  They  are hosting a taco bar and cupcakes.  
    Posted by RWS2011[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div><strong>JEALOUS. </strong>I think I'm going to have to make tacos tonight now. Nom.</div><div>
    </div><div>Anyways, I just went to play some tennis with BF during my lunch break and it was soooo sunny out and I am in desperate need of a tan, so I took my t-shirt off and just played in a sports bra and shorts. FYI, I do not have a flat stomach, so I was totally self-conscious. Thank god there was no one else around. I hope I actually got a little less pale!

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    Sadly today is Monday for me. I just worked 8 days, had yesterday off, and now work 6 more. Today is only an evening shift so BF and I are still laying in bed.
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  • I just want 4 to get here already.  The day is dragging and all I keep thinking about is a big plate of macaroni and cheese.  I've been so good though I haven't had any direct dairy in almost a month.


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