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Ideas for a short ceremony after a religious service?

Since we are both catholic, we are getting married in a church and then going to a nearby private garden for the reception.  Since the church is very small, we can only fit family and close friends for the mass, and the remaining guests we will see at the reception following.

We are trying to come up with a quick ceremony or entrance we can do at the reception so those that couldn't fit in the church won't feel left out without it being too repetitious for the family that did attend the mass.

Any suggestions or ideas?   We'd greatly appreciate them!

Re: Ideas for a short ceremony after a religious service?

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    Okay... choose your own adventure here.

    1. We're having about twenty people at the ceremony and 150 people at the reception.

         This is fine.  Truly private/intimate ceremonies followed by larger receptions are okay.  Not awesome, but okay etiquette-wise.  You don't need another ceremony at the reception to remind them, yet again!, that they weren't at the church service.  Just be announced and go right into the reception.  Best to not dwell on what the majority didn't see.

    2. We're having 50 at the ceremony and 100 at the reception.

         This is bad.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.  The idea behind intimate ceremonies followed by larger rececptions is that the majority aren't at the ceremony.  Majority being ~ 80 - 90% of the guest list.  If you aren't meeting that criteria, you are tiering guests to your event.  The awkward factor increases exponentially at the reception for guests only invited to the reception.  As host, it's your job to keep people happy and comfortable and this situation is not it.  Don't think "Oh, they're family!  They will understand!"  They might to your face, but inside, they might not be so cool beans.

          Generally, intimate ceremonies include parents, grandparents, and siblings + spouses.  Not, those people plus an aunt and four friends.  You must draw clear lines.  Once you're guest list is adjusted as necessary, see number one.

    Good luck!
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