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Pew Decor

I have been racking my brain for weeks on what i want to do to decorate the pews at the church we are getting married at. We need something to give the isle some color, but not something that will break the bank. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    mizjodimizjodi member
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    I'm planning on buying some roles of tulle and looping them every other pew. Will attempt to find pic of what I'm thinking !

    ETA for photo; I'm thiniking of doing something like this

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    Ooh - love the PP's pic - great idea and very pretty.

    I really like tissue pomanders as well - they can be all the same color, or you could do a couple of different shades, etc. You can buy them or DIY them, I don't think they would be too expensive.
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    naomikbnaomikb member
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    I'm a big fan of pomanders.  You can get pew clips to attach them to the pews, or just hang them on the end, whatever works.  Some people use free-standing shepherd's hooks.

    You can make them cheaply out of tissue paper or coffee filter flowers with styrofoam balls, or use fake/silk flowers.  You can also buy them pre-made.

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    Paper lanterns are another take on what the PP was suggesting with pomanders.

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    i hate 'foo fooey' decorations, so i'm not a fan of the tulle or balls of flowers (sorry, just my personal preference!)

    I'm going to do something like this (but with a smaller ribbon and probably 3 roses):

    I'll place them on every 2nd or 3rd row for about 10-12 rows.  After the ceremony i'll re-use them at the reception on the cake table and check-in table. possibly even part of the head table decorations. =)

    the cost is easier to manage if you can find a way to re-use them =)
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    Thank you girls so much! I love these ideas so much!
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    Hi there!
    I had the same problem when we were planning my daughter's wedding.  The church was rather plain and we were on a tight budget.  I made some vintage style tulle pew bows that matched the bridal party colors.  It was a great way to add color to the sanctuary at a budget friendly price.  There are a lot of pew decorations available on

    Hope your wedding is everything you've dreamed of! ThreeMartelles on Etsy
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    i am skipping pew decor and will be working on decor for the windowsills and alter decor.

    Like others said once people are seated they do not see the pew decor which is why i will be i will be working on the areas everyone will see.
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