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Weight Loss Question

For the past 6 weeks I have been doing really well with my diet. Besides this past week, I wasn't exercising and I was just eating healthy. I was losing 4-5 pounds a week. 

That was before this week. This week I started walking about 1 hour, 3 times this week. In addition to that, the only other thing I think I changed was eating out twice this week. But even though I ate out, I still stayed under the maximum daily caloric intake that I have been sticking to for the past 6 weeks. When I ate out, I didn't splurge. I picked healthy options and still watched what I ate. 

This week I only lost 2 lbs. Do you think I did something wrong? Or is this normal? What do you think caused a lower amount of weight loss?
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Re: Weight Loss Question

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    I don't think you did anything wrong. Things are just leveling off. I was on track to lose one pound a week, but I lost four the first week. After that, it was one a week, and sometimes less.

    Consistently losing 4-5lbs a week isn't healthy. 2lbs is much better for you. Your diet change probably just shocked your system at first and now it's adapting.
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    It's normal to start out with higher numbers when you change your diet, and for that to level off a bit.

    Also, increasing your activity can cause a bit of water retention.

    Plus, it's just normal to not lose the exact same amount every week even if you think you're doing everything exactly the same.

    Your body is really good at adapting. So it helps with weight loss to keep it guessing by varying your calories, eating a wide variety of foods, and changing up your activity all the time.

    You don't want to eat too few calories for your weight, either. Here's a good calculator:

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    leia: Thanks for your advice and reassurance. I was thinking this was probably what was going on but I wasn't sure... how do you feel you are doing now?

    desert: Thank you fo posting that calculator. I've seen that before, and I tried it. It didn't work for me, I think because it had me eat too many calories. But now, I'm not eating enough calories, I think. I'm confused..
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    How many calories a day are you eating?

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