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How did you discover you had Celiac's? I've heard symptoms can be quite different between people, and seem completely unrelated to the digestive system.
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    peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 member
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    Mine was actually pretty crazy.  My maternal grandmother was diagnosed first, and after I got back from Germany, I started having a lot of problems.  I gained a lot of weight and developed a pretty severe rash on my legs.  After a lot of time spent at the dermatologist's office being told it was exczema (dude, that doesn't randomly show up at 18!!), and a lot more time driving home from the derm's office in tears, my grandma got an article in her support e-zine or whateverthehell it was.  Turns out untreated celiac prevents you from taking on the hep b antibodies.

    Backstory:  Before I left for Germany my primary care doctor did a full workup to make sure everything was good.  I was missing Hep B, so I got a booster and we retested after a few weeks to make sure it had taken.  It didn't.  Her response was "Oh well, go have fun!"

    After finding all of that out, I went to a gastroenterologist who did the endoscopy and the bloodwork and officially diagnosed me.  I've been mostly healthy ever since. Autoimmune is funny if I get too exhausted and then dosed, chances are good I'm going to get whatever bug happens to be floating around at the time.
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    SopChickSopChick member
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    Oh, that's weird about the Hep B antibodies, I never knew that. I used to work with kids with Down Syndrome, and Celiac's is pretty common in people with DS. My boss at that place (and all 3 of her daughters) also has Celiac's, and I've always been kinda curious about it and the diagnosis process. I'm weird like that, haha.
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    SwazzleSwazzle member
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    I just looked up some info on Celiac's because Peek & Still mentioned it in my "going to rip off my skin" thread.  Itchiness aside, I have a lot of those symptoms.  I know that doesn't mean I have Celiac's but it definitely just made me decide to call my doctor today.  

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