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Wow, people really act like this after highschool?

This is a slight rant so forgive me, I just want to write it outloud.

I'm still fairly new so my boss told me yesterday to spend my morning processing applications, that way I can get experience in it and if I have any questions, I ask. My boss is off today. I came in today and there weren't many apps coming in but I still waiting for apps because that's what my boss had asked me to do. Two of my coworkers were telling me how I should go answers phones or something since there isn't much going on over here. I understand but my boss told me to do apps and since she's not here to say otherwise, I'll be doing apps. Out of the 30 something apps turned in today, I was given 4. There were four people processing apps so I should have had at least 7. Call me naive but I'm not the type of person to assume they were doing it on purpose but I honestly think they were! A little later, another coworker gives me a note that shouldn't hang out with that coworkers and that she knows they're trying to play me for an ass. I've heard from "those people" that this person also tried to "warn" the other new girl about them.

I'm not sure what to think of this. I'm still fairly new so other than what I was doing, I don't really know what else to do. I don't know if these people are really that vindictive or maybe the note writer is ready to cause drama? I'm not sure who to believe. I never though people would try to screw one another over for no reason but maybe they do? I'm not going to let it bother me, I'm here to work and that's it. If I make friends, GREAT. If not, I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to get my $$$.

There's no reason to the post other than a vent. Thanks all.. On top of this, I think I'm getting an ear infection...oh joy.

Re: Wow, people really act like this after highschool?

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    Oh I hate coworkers like that. And people definitley act like that after high school, many act like that their entire lives. I woulnd't take the word of either the note writer or the group. Make your own decision about them as time goes on and you see how they treat you, go with your gut! Hopefully it gets better though!
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    Yikes. It sounds like you work with a bunch of people who thrive off of MUD.

    I hope things get better, but you're right - this is your job, and you don't have to be friends with the people you work with. I definitely think it makes the workplace nicer when you like your coworkers, but who's going to like a couple Mean Girls?
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    ugh, I hate ear infections.  I had one over the weekend (but thankfully it's gone because now I have to go scuba-ing this weekend!)

    As for work drama, I do my best to stay out of it.  I did let the boss know that one of the new hires was making fairly sexist comments to our kiddos but I think that had to be done.  We don't want to perpetuate ignorance, honestly. 

    For your situation, I might try to distance yourself from both groups.  Depends how small the company is, but it's not like you're required to make friends with your coworkers.  Just do your work and do it well.  The boss will notice that you're not being all 12-years-old like the rest of them, hopefully.

    Good luck with it, though, it's a real tough situation to be in.
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    Good attitude to have--stay above office fracas and keep it professional. It's really lame when adults behave like that.  G'luck.
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    We don't want no no drama....

    Anyhoar, stay professional, EKath.  You're good at that.  Don't get sucked in by the office crazies!

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    Yes.  I am so sorry dear!  You can do it!  You are above it!
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