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Question I heard on the radio


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    [QUOTE]I'm so uncool I don't even really know what current tends are. I've never seen the Jeresey Shore or the Kardashians. I don't know any hipsters or anyone who wears uggs.
    Posted by bethsmiles[/QUOTE]

    This.  Except I do see hipsters out and about occasionally and them and their attitudes irritate me.
    Uggs... eh, no thanks.  The slippers look comfortable, but I'd never wear something like that in the form of a boot.  I have to wear boots like this (<a href=",-aluminum?preferredSku=8040890013?cm_mmc&mr:trackingCode=D9452654-511C-E111-804A-A8C6AF702B72&mr:referralID=NA" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">clicky</a>) at work... that's my definition of what a boot should be.
    And can we <em>please</em> get rid of those choppy, multi-colored "scene kid" haircuts?
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  • Ooo! Those winter hats with the mittens attached

    Used to be bourgehm. +1,500 posts. Silly knot
  • People who wear skinny jeans that are 3 sizes too small. (usually with shirts also too small)
    Seriously...this happened ALL the time at the HS I was student teaching at.
    And if the stormy weather came...I'd just kiss you in the rain... Daisypath Anniversary tickers image
  • While I've never watched an episode I agree with the Jersey Shore and the Kardashians.  

    How about all reality Tv goes away?


  • I want baggy jeans below people's assss to go away. Seriously.... i don't want to see your f*cking underwear.

    Jersey Shore
    Overmake uped tweeny boppers

  • Too tight of pants are an issue for me.  I do not want to see any woman in pants that are so tight that they look like they are painted on.  Nor do I ever again want to see a man in pants that are so tight that I can see the outline of his junk.  Eww.

    Uggs and Crocs are both ugly, but they don't bother me too much...unless we're talking Uggs with shorts or a short skirt, then I want to smack the person. 
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  • Oh and Canadian tuxedo made me LOL, thanks for that Liv! :)
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