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What is everyone doing?  I know i need to get this done so if something needs to be ordered it will come in time.  I had originally thought of letting girls pick out their own pattern at 1154 Lill, but the cheapest bags they have that I would want to get are at least $60, and the ones I would really want is $100.  How much is everyone else spending per BM?  

I don't want to do a tote bag or something like that because I feel that will just be thrown in their closet and not be used.  I want something useful.  

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  • i actually personalized my bm gitfts .... since they are all travelling from ny ... i didnt want to get them something that they have to travel back with .... i got my MOH a gift card to her favorite hair place .... and my 2 bm i got gift cards for a massage .... the groomsmen we got a gift card for a store that they like ... we are also paying for hair and makeup for the bm so they dont have to worry about that expense since t hey are travelling .... groomsmen are getting a breakfast in the morning free of charge 
  • I spent about $75 on my MOH and $50 on BM (although the value is much greater, thanks to coupons & Rue La La). I got my MOH a brunch basket with all of the trimmings to make an amazing brunch, and a trio of makeup purses. I got my BM 2 leather bound notebooks (she's the artist) and a pair of earrings. I'm also paying for hair/makeup, but I don't consider that a gift.

    FI hasn't gotten anything for his guys yet because he's being lazy. I'm not worrying about it. His problem!
  • I got them all robes from Plum Pretty Sugar.  I was going to go the personalized route, but I know that they would all like these.  My FI has no clue what he is getting his GM. 
  • I got them all robes from Plum Pretty Sugar.  I was going to go the personalized route, but I know that they would all like these.  My FI has no clue what he is getting his GM. 
  • I got my BMs little Coach Wristlets.. FI got them for me from the NEX so they were super cheap...  I got them all different designs and they were like $40. I'm also paying for their hair...which is $40.
  • I got each BM a piece of jewelry, (not neccessarily to wear in the wedding, just something that suits each gal), and I got my MOH a custom accessory organizer from Etsy, and I'm treating them to mani/pedis the day before the wedding.  FI got the GM these super complex pocket knives that he found on Amazon that have like 18000 different tools on them that are pretty cool.  Over all we'll spend about $75 per person and I'll spend about $100 on my MOH.
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  • I got them necklaces, paid for their dresses, and am paying for their hair/makeup.  FI got them cufflinks and paid for the tux rentals.


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    I only have a MOH, so I got her something I knew she wanted - a pandora bracelet.  I got us both 2 beads (starfish/shell and purple glass) to remember the wedding.  :)  FI's granddad is his bestman, he got him a personalized pocketwatch from Things Remembered.
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  • My sister is my MOH and I am getting her a nice bottle of red wine along with a gift card to REI (she wants a new road bike). She is very picky about jewlery as she is allergic to many metals and hardly wears it. Plus she is moving (perhaps abroad) so she doesn't want an additional "thing" (purse, etc) she has to keep up with in the move. I wanted to do something better for he because she has done so much, but this will make her happy.
     I went more traditional with my greeters. They are getting earrings! Yay! I had fun looking for something cute for them. (I may get them some cute stationary or something as well... we shall see). 

    I am stumped on the ring bearer. He is 5. Any ideas for me?
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    Since  both of my ring bearers are flying to my wedding, I got my them each a small truck/car playset for the airplane.  I mailed them with their outfits (we ordered linen shirts for them as well).  Oh and sand buckets for them to play with at the resort in FL.   That may not help you, but basically any small toy should work.
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  • I got each of my girls a cosmetic bag that say "bridesmaid" on them and filled them with lip gloss, nail files, etc. I also included flip flops for after the wedding, and a compact mirror with their name on it. AmericanBridal was cheapest for me with free personalization.

    I'm also paying a portion of the hair appointment (tip and service fee)

    My fiance got each GM a personalized t-shirt with their favorite baseball team on the front (or other sport of they dont like baseball) and their name on the back AND a beer mug with their name and date of wedding.

    We spend $40 per person with all this! bargain shopping :) definitely worth it! We got so much more for our budget.

    We even got little gifts for flower girls and jr. groomsmen for $30 per person and they were personalized jewelry box with earrings in it and gym bags for boys in sports and teams etc.
  • If you can't spend a lot or don't have time to bargain shop.. we also personalized our gift bags with little notes on each one with personal stories and memories with that person, and filled a goodie bag for the younger ones with cookies and printed our own coloring books etc. They were minimal cost. I hope they like all th e DIY work we did! :)
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    I got my bridesmaids a coach wristlet, personalized wineglass, wedding jewelry and am paying for a portion of their hair and makeup.  FI got the groomsmen a painting of their favorite sports player.
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  • I got the girls all a personalized tote bag and cosmetic bag, and a pair of earrings/personalized bracelet from the knot shop (that they could wear in the wedding if they want, but don't have to). I also got them each a bridesmaid or MOH angel figurine and made them picture frames w/ pics of each of us inside. That was only about $40 dollars or so. I'm getting them all a gift card to somewhere they like to go w/ (one BM loves her nook so Barnes & Noble, etc.) for about $20. My MOH just had her first baby a few months ago so I'm thinking either gift certificates for dinner/movies and offer to babysit so she can have a night out w/ her hubby kid free, or a massage gift certificate. 

    FI got the guys each cufflinks, but hasn't gotten the rest yet. @naarnold - we don't have a ringbearer but I had a friend who got their ring bearer a small toy and tshirt that said "#1 ringbearer" on it to wear the night of the rehearsal.
  • I got each BM a beach towel in her favorite color with her first initial on it, along with some smaller personal items unique to each gal. 

    I also got my MOH a few extra things, and after the wedding, I plan on giving her a photobook from Shutterfly with pics of us going back to 8th grade. 

    Oh and I'm giving my MOH and aunt/BM each a gift card as a thank you (and bday present for my aunt) for throwing me a shower. 
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  • There's an awesome jewelry show called Tag You're It. They make custom, handstamped jewelry! Attached is a photo of the ones I got my girls. I thought it symbolized how precious each of them are to me. (With the pearl.) And the two hearts show how connected we are, despite any distance that will be betwee us. =] Link is www.tagyoureitjewelry.com

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  • I got each of my bridesmaides (4 total) a nice real black pearl set (they look purple which goes with the dresses). They were $80 each set and include sthe necklace,earings and bracelet. simple and classic and they are really nice. very heavy. They also came in nice chinese silk bags.  Blacklotus designs. She was really nice to work with to customize. I think it's a better gift than the crap stuff on theknot that is cheap like totes and compacts etc. and they are pretty expensive too. I have so many myself already and moving out of my apt and into my fiances i am throwing al ot of crap away lol.  My fiance got the guys a few different items that were more practical to what they like. a grill set, some pittsburgh penguins/steelers framed pics with thier names on the jerseys (mens wearhouse catalog), whiskey glass and stones set and they were about the same price as the girls pearls.
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