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We have been together for almost nine years now. Not engaged. But everyone knows we are eventually going to get married. I've set the date and everything. So, how do I announce We are engaged when basically everyone knows. And.... We are not buying an engagement ring for awhile. It's either house payment or ring. So we pay the house payment. So anyway. How do i make it so that it not like "well yeah. We all know."???

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    Are you engaged or not?

    Once you are engaged you call people and tell them the news.
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    I'm confused. If you've been sort of unofficially engaged for a really long time, what's changing now that makes you want to be officially engaged?
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    You've set a date. You're engaged.
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    You just call people & tell them that you are engaged. You don't send anything to people for (just) the engagement.

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    Just call and tell them.  Maybe mention the date. 
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    like this:

    "Hi. I'm engaged."
    When you love someone, you can tell. When you're in love with someone, everyone else can tell.
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    This whole post is a little confusing. So are you engaged and want to know how to tell people since you don't have a ring? Or are you not engaged and won't consider yourself so until you have the ring in a long time and want to know how to tell people then? 

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  • luvdncn90luvdncn90 member
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    Tell them the truth? "Yes we're engaged, we have just decided to pay off our house befoer we buy a ring."

    or if you're uncomfortable with that you can just say "We're engaged without a ring."

    Who cares?

    ETA: You said everyone knows you are engaged, but you're not engaged? I am SUPER confused.
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    I think she meant everyone already knows her wedding date... so when she says "We're engaged!" The people who know the wedding date already will be all like "Umm... yeah.... we know... you already told us when you're getting married."

    Which is completely true. Which is why folks probably shouldn't set wedding dates until they're engaged. Also, unless you have booked a venue and officiant, your wedding date could certainly change, so I don't see why you'd tell anyone until that's done. Which it shouldn't be until you're engaged.

    So, in the future, don't put the cart before the horse and you won't have these kind of awkward issues.

    My advice is stop talking about your wedding plans until you get engaged. That could be tomorrow or it could be two years from now. So, just don't talk about things that will make people wonder why you're getting engaged after beginning your wedding planning. When the time comes, you call your parents and closest family and friends and say "He proposed!" and they'll be all "YAY!" and THEN you talk budget and guest list and set a tentative date and book a venue and an officiant and THEN you tell everyone the actual wedding date or send out Save-the-Date cards (ONLY to people who will be receiving a wedding invitation as well), and so on and so forth.

    Take your cart, and put it back behind the horse where it belongs. Everything will be fine. And if people say "We already know you're getting married, you told us the date and everything," Well... lesson learned. Don't get ahead of yourself in the future or people will get confused.

    Please enjoy this time as BF/GF. It all changes very quickly and before you know it you'll be knee-deep in ribbons and guest lists. Just enjoy the time you guys have now. Best of luck!
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