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Shopping Frustrations

So, here I am trying to support the US economy and they won't take my money.

Retailers in the US have way better selection and prices compared to those in Canada. When it comes to wedding stuff shopping online in the US is my preferrence. I even ship within the US and deal with the border on my own...easy peasy for a US retailer. So, my weekend shopping adventures were as follows:

Problem 1 - Retailer 1:
My paypal goes all wonky with shipping and billing addresses with the US retailer and I have to phone New Jersey to straighten it out...annoying. Sounds like everything is okay now though, therefore able to complete my purchase.

Problem 2 - Retailer 2:
Apparently they won't even let Canadians buy from them because their website doesn't accept non-US billing information nor does it accept non-US paypal accounts. No transaction...sigh

Problem 3 - Retailer 3:
Shipping and Billing addresses must be the same for Canadians but not Americans. Really? Is this necessary?

Have you had a shopping issue latelly?
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