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Sorry, The Knot wouldn't let me post under the C for Cookies post (grrrrr). But, I work for Girl Scouts during the summer. So, I thought I'd explain the whole name differences. There are two different official Girl Scout bakers. They are ABC Baker and Little Brownie Baker. Depending on which baker your council decides to go with, depends on what name the cookies are. Some councils always stay with the same baker and some councils switch back and forth. One of the bakers (I can't remember which one) makes smaller cookies and there are less ounces in each package, but they charge the same price per box.

And, most council's offer a fundraiser called Dessert First. This is where the different chefs get together and make GS cookie desserts. I typically go to the one around here and it is $100 a person (YIKES), but it is tax deductible.

And finally, if you can't find a troop to buy cookies from, you can always call your local council and they will sell you cookies (But then a GS doesn't get the $0.10 a box or whatever the going rate is, council makes the profit).
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    They have the Dessert First thing here.  I posted about it in the Ci is for Cookie post.

    It's $35 per person, $50 a couple, and I didn't want to pay that. I definitely wouldn't pay $100 a person.

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    Gosh I miss girl scout cookies, the Thank You ones are totally my favorite.

    *Fun Fact* When stranded without an ice scraper a girl scout cookie box has four edges that work surprisingly well as a makeshift scraper.

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