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Invitation wording win!

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(I fully support the rights of gays to marry, I think the "destroying the sanctity of marriage" excuse of why they can't is the most BS thing I've ever heard.  Nearly 50% divorce rate, and the GAYS are gonna ruin marriage?  Seriously?)

Re: Invitation wording win!

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    Is it wrong that I would actually like to attend that wedding?  But in all seriousness my uncle was gay and even though my baptist evangelical preacher grandfather refused to talk to him for 30 years after he "came out" the family eventually got over it (good thing because my uncle died suddenly in October at only 56). But I agree with you, I think them marrying is the least of the issues with marriage these days
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    That's pretty hilarious!  It's nice they have a sense of humor about the whole thing - it's really a very sensitive issue, and can be very hurtful.

    At first, I thought "domestic partners" would be acceptable to solve the problem because in my mind I didn't really care what wording people used as long as it was equal.  Then someone pointed out "Separate but equal" doesn't really work, as we've already seen.  Good point!

    Now that we've officially registered as "Domestic Partners" I can totally see why it's a useless "solution".  It was the most anticlimactic experience of my life - we filled out some paperwork, got it notorized at a bank - the clerk was so busy we didn't even go into her office, we did it standing up!  She looked at our ID's, signed, and thanked us.  No "Congrats", nothing.  It certainly didn't have any sort of celebratory feeling to it at all.  We decided it was equivalent to moving in together and sharing expenses because in effect that's what it certifies. 

    We've got some close family in DC who have been together for years and are now considering getting married since same sex marriage recently became legal in DC.  I really hope they use this wording!  They've got that cheeky sense of humor, too!
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    That invite is awesome!
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    They must have a wicked sense of humor.  How do I RSVP?!

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    Seriously I love it , go them!
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