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Birth Order and Relationships

There was a post about this on another board a few weeks ago and I found this article today:

So I was wondering what you gals think. Personally I don't really think it matters. When you think of all the other things that make a person who they are birth order seems pretty low on the list. I'm the oldest with one younger brother and BF has a younger sister and older brother (according to this we aren't a good match so maybe that makes me bias against it ;)) But I don't really get why anyone wastes time "researching" (i really don't know how credible any of it is) when in real life it probably matters very little if at all.

Re: Birth Order and Relationships

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    We are both first borns and according to this article, we aren't a very good match, therefore, I think it's a bunch of crap! haha
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    My situation is complicated. My BF is clearly the oldest (has a younger sister) but while I am technically the youngest of 3, my two sisters are 10 and 16 years older than me so we didn't have the typical sibling realtionship growing up and both of my sisters are half sisters to me, but step sisters to each other. So I could be considered the youngest or the "only child". Anyway, I don't believe it, show me some science and you might sway me but its doubtful
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    We covered this in my psych class a little and it all seemed lik BS to me.  Technically I think 6 years or more of a gap means you don't count that sibling (so Chipypony you're an only child, and so is my FI since his sister is 7 years older.)
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    It's such a gross generalization that of course it will fit for some people.  But definitely not all. 

    I'm a middle child and that description is completely inaccurate.  FI is the youngest and he is nothing like that description either.
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    Ana, totally agree that this is gross generalization.  I am the oldest and my BF is the youngest, but I don't have much of a sibling relationship, as my only sibling is mentally and physically handicapped. I grew up with an odd mix of only child and oldest.

    While the description of the oldest is pretty spot-on for me, these words used to describe the youngest do not fit my BF in any way, shape or form: "used to being noticed and fussed over, charming, and manipulative."

    I think it's just some wannabe psychologist writing a fluff piece.
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    It's funny.  The discriptions of first born, middle and youngest are spot on for my family!!!  BUT I'm the oldest and so is my Fi, so go figure.
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    Leila and all.....

    Hi! This is my first post on the board. I was sooooo tempted to respond so here I am. What got me was that you ladies consider the article a lot of fluff...and sure, some of it is, but there is some research by well known psychologists that use this method in counseling.

    (I am a family therapist by the way). =)   So a brief background on the article...One of the prioneers of reviewing sibling position is Mr. Alfred Adler. He did a lot of work on sibling rivalries and sibling order. Also, there is a major form of couples, family, and marital therapy called Bowenian Family Therapy. Bowen looks at our family system, patterns, and life stages and includes them in our relationships,

    Even though I never was a big fan of these kinds of therapies, I think they're interesting. To me (((((whisper)))) those therapies are kind of like reading horoscope compatabilities and fortune cookies. They all seem to kind of have a little truth to them but then again as someone else said before, they're just a bunch of generalizations.

    I apologize to all my Adlerian and Bowenian Therapy insructors from graduate school. LOL

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    Honestly I think this thing is a load of crap - I haven't met anyone that fits in their birth order description. DH and I are both the youngest and this - 'used to being noticed and fussed over, charming, and manipulative' couldn't be more wrong for either of us.
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