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Having a friend or family member marry you?

FI & I want to ask a friend or family member to marry us, but need to have them become licensed to do so - has anybody else done this? What website did you use to become ordained? They all seem so phony ...


Re: Having a friend or family member marry you?

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    Agree with PPs, research or call the county where the wedding will be. Our county has a process to authorize someone for a day to officiate, and it felt a lot more legit coming from the court than an online accreditation.

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    Professionals, who are licensed, have done weddings before....Keep that in mind. People who just decide to marry you, haven't performed a wedding before and do you really want to chance that they will lead the choregraphy, write a good and flowing ceremony, not stumble, not get nervous....It's your wedding...and be sure that you are doing the right thing...No one wants disaster...I've seen it first hand...I would never recommend it.
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