April 2012 Weddings

AW: third pair of wedding shoes

I already have high heels to wear for the ceremony and flip flops to slip into for the reception.  But since everything will be over by 2 or 3 p.m., my fiance and I want to catch our second wind and go out in the French Quarter that evening in our wedding clothes (our hotel is within walking distance so we won't have far to go).  I don't like either heels or flip flops for walking around the Quarter so I had to get a third pair of wedding shoes.  Okay yes, I'm a shoe fiend and was looking for an excuse to shop for footwear LOL.  I wanted a white sneaker I could slip on and found these which had an aqua blue accent to match my wedding color.  Since I had the materials left over from making my garter set, I decided to try embellishing the shoes with a bow and flower, with everything stitched together so I can cut it off after the wedding day to use the shoes with other outfits.

I <3 shoes.


Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
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