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Been gone too long...

but I'm back. Life has been a roller coaster the past couple of months and I needed a break. I probably missed so much and I think there's even a bunch of newbs that I don't recognize.

Any fun news to share?! I'm sitting in bed drinking a beer and reflecting on things that I could do differently in my life/dating scene. I feel so philosophical. Must be the beer.

I'm gonna go read a bunch of threads and comment on everything. Missed you ladies. :)

Re: Been gone too long...

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    Hi Mel!  Glad to see you back around.

    I discovered on Pinterest today that you can make easy donuts at home by frying that biscuit dough that comes in a can...  Naturally, I had to try it immediately.  I'm currently rubbing my overly-full stomach and basking in the sugary glory.

    I'm also passing this info along to everyone I know.  So, you're welcome.

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    Hey! I have no fun news to share, unfortunately.

    I'm currently sitting in bed, drinking tea, and watching Bones. It's the same thing I did last night - maybe I'm making a habit out of it :)

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    Hi!  Nothing too new over here. Just lots of stress lately due to working almost every day and never getting more than a day off at once.  Plus my day off today ended with having to go into work for a brief meeting anyway.  *sigh*  I caught myself biting my nails again today, so I must be more stressed than I thought.

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    Welcome back!

    Nothing new here.

    Elle, we made those in high school for I think cooking class.


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    Nothing new here either.  Unless you count that I bought a new pair of tights this week because it's cold outside.
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    Elle - those sound amazing! I'm hungry, but too lazy to get out of bed right now to go get something. I have off work today, so I don't feel bad about this.

    Beth - I had hot tea for the first time about a month ago and loved it! Never tried it, because I always thought I'd hate it. My coworker gave me this chamomile stuff, because I had an upset stomach and it was delicious :)

    Kaitlyn - boo to stressful days! Hope things will lighten up a bit for you.

    Stina - Hi! Several days later, are you still fuming about the worst game in the history of the NFL?! grr. :(
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    peek - it's still 95 degrees during the day here.  I have a new pair of sheer pink with black dots footless capri tights I'm dying to wear, but it's WAY TOO HOT.  I'm jealous!
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    Ooo, I love tights and leggings and sweater weather!
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